Week six summary

This week was focused on the format of design and I really enjoyed it. To start the week off I chose to read the article The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli. I thought that this really gave a great view into the many different aspects of design. There were many that I had already heard and knew of but then there were some that I had no idea that went into design. My favorite aspect that he talked about was ambiguity because he used it in a positive way. He defined it as multiple people being able to derive many different meanings from the work. I thought this was cool because I often read a book or see a painting and get a different meaning that the people around me.

Design thoughts

I completed the design blitz and had a lot of fun with it. I chose to do typography, balance, dominance, and color. I was home this weekend so I got to use my dogs as models for this assignment. My favorite picture of the four that I took was the picture I used for color because I got to take a cool picture of the sunset and see how the colors complimented each other. Overall I thought this was a super fun assignment because I got to put aspects of design to use and use my creativity.

Design blitz

Throughout the week I did three daily creates. I really liked the one where I dubbed Thunderstruck by ACDC overtop of the various 007’s saying “I’m Bond, James Bond.”

Week six daily creates

I completed the destination postcard assignment. I chose my favorite spot in Manhattan, Bethesda Fountain, and added a nice wish you were here along the side. I even used my own picture I had taken a year ago for the picture.

Destination post card

Then I went on to do ten stars of design assignments from the assignment bank. The first one I did 3 stars and was called minimalist tv poster. I chose to make a new poster for How I Met Your Mother. I really like this show and one of the major themes is the yellow umbrella Ted finds, so I made that the focus of the poster. I also used the umbrella as a way to bring in my secret agent because my agent always carries an umbrella that he likes to use to fight with. It is always rainy in London where he works so it is not out of place to have an umbrella.

Minimalist tv poster

The next one I did was 3.5 stars and was called one story four icons. I chose to do Les Miserables as the story and chose the icons of bread, the christian cross, the French flag, and love. My secret agent character is originally from France, so choosing a story from his home country for this assignment was perfect. These are the themes from that story and I thought that together they would be effective to show it

One story, four icons

The last assignment I did was worth 3.5 stars and was called most wanted outlaw. For this assignment you took one of the top ten outlaws of the wild west and made a new wanted poster for them. I chose Jesse James because I have a little bit of an interest in what he did back then. I think that the poster turned out really well.

Most wanted outlaw

Throughout the week I had been commenting on people’s posts to give them some feedback. This was a great week and I am excited to see what is in store for next week.


Week six daily creates

The first daily create I did this week was Monday, February 20 and was called what can you do with a time cycle? I added a picture of a the time cycle and said I would solve all of the riddles about time:

The next one I did was Tuesday, February 21 and was called paint the voice. In this one you had to take van Gogh’s quote and illustrate it:

The last of the three I did was today, February 22 and was called You Dub 007. For this one you had to take audio from a song and overlap it with a James Bond video. I chose to take ACDC’s Thunderstruck and pair it with a compilation of the various 007’s saying “I’m Bond, James Bond.” This one was my favorite daily create from this week and I think it turned out really well.



Most wanted outlaw

This assignment was worth 3.5 stars and rounded out my total to 10 stars. It is called most wanted outlaw and in it you create a wanted poster for one of the top ten wanted outlaws of the Wild West. I chose Jesse James as my outlaw to use because I’ve always had a little interest in what he did back then. I used mobilefish.com to create the poster. I liked this assignment because I got to take a subject that I have interest in and design something around him.

One story, four icons

I did the one story, four icons assignment worth 3.5 stars. I really liked this assignment because it made me think outside the movie and break down a movie I love into four themes or focuses. Because my secret agent is from France the story I am using takes place in France with French people. I took four things that were central to the story of this movie and found icons for it which hopefully won’t be too hard for someone to guess.

Take a guess in the comments section on what you think the movie might be!

Minimalist tv poster

This assignment is worth 3 stars and is called minimalist tv/movie poster and in it you have to create a new minimalist poster for a tv show or movie. I chose to make one for the tv show How I Met Your Mother. I love this show so I thought it would be fun to use it. The central plot in it is that Ted is searching for his wife and at one point he comes across her yellow umbrella, so I used that as the focal point for the poster with the title underneath. It is very minimal but it also shows something very central to the show. This relates to my secret agent character because one of the things he always carries around and sometimes uses as a weapon is an umbrella. He is based out of London, so it is always raining, which makes for a good excuse to have his special umbrella with him just in case.

Destination post card

For this assignment I had to make a post card for a destination. I chose to use a picture of one of my favorite places, Bethesda Fountain in Manhattan. This is my favorite place to go to in Central Park to people watch because it gets a lot of foot traffic. I used canva.com to create a simple post card with a picture I had taken two years ago:

Design blitz

Throughout the weekend I had been taking pictures of things for the design blitz assignment and I really enjoyed it. I think it really helped me to analyze the different aspects of design and take pictures of thing that I saw that embodied them. The first aspect for the design blitz was typography. On Friday I received a pen with some Chinese lettering on it from one of my professors. The company the pen came from was an American company with some Chinese ties, so I thought it was interesting to see advertising in Chinese and that it would be cool to use as the typography picture. Typography can be any type of lettering used, so I thought that the Chinese lettering was an interesting take on this:


The next aspect I used was balance. I was home this weekend, so of course I used my dogs as subjects for this assignment. My yellow lab Thor was sitting on the kitchen floor begging for hand outs during lunch and I looked down at him and thought that where he was sitting made for a good picture showing balance. The picture showed symmetrical balance because he is in the center of the floor, so the surrounding area made it look symmetrically balanced:


I then used my other dog to show the design aspect dominance. The way that the light was coming through the house cast a shadow over my dog Clay. This shows dominance because the shadow makes him the focal point of the picture. It really emphasizes him as the center of the picture:

dark dog

The last picture I took showed the aspect of color. I was at the river with a friend yesterday at sunset and really loved how the colors of the sky came together. I think that the pinks and oranges of the setting sun really blended well and complemented each other which made for a great picture:


Overall I really was satisfied with the pictures that I took and thought it was a great way to let my creativity to shine through.





Design thoughts

To start of the week I read The Vignelli Canon  by Massimo Vignelli. I thought that it was a very interesting booklet to read and take in. The upside was there were many pictures to look at, so I was never bored. I took down some notes while I was reading through it which helped to retain the information given. I do have to say though that I thought the first part was more interesting than the second. It had many different takes on what goes into graphic design. I really enjoyed the parts where he talked about semantics, discipline, and ambiguity. Semantics is the understanding of the subject of the design, it has to make sense to everyone who sees it. Discipline is exactly what it means for the artist and the work to be disciplined. Every part that builds into the final design has to be just so in order for it to come out the way the artist wanted. If the artist is lazy and cuts corners then the design will not come out as expected. The last thing that I really liked from part one was when he talked about ambiguity. I liked how he used the word positively and made it into what he called “a plurality of meanings.” This meant that the work can be interpreted in different ways even though it is just one design. I think that this is great because people tend to take in the same work of art and think differently about it, so I really liked that he had this in the book. My favorite part from the second part was when he talked about grids for books. I really love to read and never thought much as to how they are laid out. This is a nice way to organize what goes into the book and make it aesthetically pleasing for the readers. I also liked how he talked about typeface because I think it is cool how different fonts can convey different messages. I could really tell throughout he has a love of design and really cared about what went into the book. Overall I thought it was a cool read and enjoyed it very much.



Week five summary

This week was focused on the format audio. I was a little nervous going into this week because I had experience in the other formats we have used in the past week, but not in this. It turned out that I had a lot of fun doing the assignments and got to be very creative in what I did. The first assignment I did was an audio reflection on my past experiences in using audio, which isn’t much. Then I listened to the audio file Moon Graffiti which I thought was awesome. It was based off of a speech for Richard Nixon in case the first astronauts on the Moon did not return home. I thought it was so cool how the music and sound effects help create the story and turn it into something really neat.

Audio reflection


Throughout the week I completed three daily creates:

Week five daily creates

Monday through Thursday of this week there was a radio show we tuned in to and tweeted along with. I really enjoyed this because I feel like it created a sense of community and helped to bring the class together. The Limetown radio show had a dark edge to it but the tweets sort of brought a little light to it. Overall I think this was a great experience and I would love to do something like it again.

Ds106 radio show

I created a short radio bumper for a radio station I made up called W-KAY. I think that this was a cool way to ease into the idea of combining narration and audio together and it also helped me get used to using Audacity.

Radio bumper

Then I brainstormed an idea for a radio show for our class. I thought that in using our secret agent them that two agents could come together or go against each other to diffuse a situation:

Radio show idea

Later in the week I did 12 stars worth of audio assignments from the assignment bank. The first one I did was called sound effects story where you create a story using only sound effects. I decided to make mine about a farmer who has to take cover from a tornado that comes through his town. I really liked this because I got to learn more about how to use Audacity:

Sound effects story

The next one I did was worth 2.5 stars and was called good morning message. You basically made a message for the villagers to wake up to one morning. Mine was to tell the villagers that the black bears that had once been there were now gone:

Good Morning Message

I did a 3 star one after that called Real Housewives tag ling. Wheat you had to do was create a tag line for yourself as if you were on the show. Mine was “my heart may not be gold, but my credit card is platinum.” I thought it was a fun and light idea for an assignment and I love the Real Housewives shows so this was great:

Real housewives tagline

The next one I did was worth 3.5 and was called reverse audio and you just reverse a song of your choosing and make some hints about what it is. Mine was Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better from Annie Get Your Gun. I really liked this because it was cool to hear a song backwards because I’d never heard it before like that:

Reverse audio


The last one I did was worth 3 stars and it was called create your own ringtone. In this you make a 30 second ringtone. I combined two different guitar solos to make this and it turned out pretty well:

Make your own ringtone

Throughout the week I was commenting on people’s posts and I really liked how a lot of their sound effects stories turned out.





Make your own ringtone

This assignment was 3 stars and rounds out my 12 stars worth of assignments. For this assignment you create your own 30 second ringtone. I mashed two different guitar solos to create this. I edited them a little and I think it came together very well: