Week five daily creates

This week had some interesting daily creates. The first one I did was on 2/15 and the prompt was to show a picture that would look cool upside down. I chose to take a picture I had of the baseball field the National’s play on and flip it upside down:

The next daily create I did was on 2/16 and the prompt was to twee something that would improve the quality of mankind. I thought that being nice to the Earth would improve how we all get along and the quality of life of humans on Earth:

The last daily create was today- 2/17 and the prompt was to show a time crystal. I wasn’t too sure what a time crystal was so I went the literal route and posted a picture of a clock made of a crystal:



Ds106 radio show

This week our assignment was to tune in to a radio show done by ds106 and tweet along with our classmates. This was a great experience for me because the tweets gave everyone’s perspective on what was going on. The radio show was called Limetown and while it had quite a dark story surrounding its main character the tweets tended to break up the seriousness of it all. I was drawn in to the characters story and how everyone she seems to talk to dies. Last night was the final night and it left on a huge cliff hanger and in a possible death. I think that the way it ended leaves everything up for interpretation. On twitter I feel like I got to know who my classmates are a little better and banter back and forth with them. If for some reason I didn’t understand what went on which happened once or twice I just looked at the tweets surrounding it and was back on track in no time. This was a really great assignment that I very much enjoyed. #ds106 really brought us all together.

Radio show idea

This week we are focused on audio and were asked to come up with an idea for a radio show because that is part of our work for the semester. I think that in going with the secret agent idea a group who is doing the radio show and takes either two existing secret agents or comes up with two new secret agent and have them solve a situation. They can either choose to work together to defuse the situation or they can go up against each other to see who can get the job done first like in the beginning of the movie version of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I think the latter version would be really cool to do. The situation can be anything they agree on like a bomb being planted that has to be taken care of or a girlfriend got taken and is being held for ransom. Any way you put it these secret agents will get the job done, but how? There can be lots of room for creativity- maybe James Bond and Jason Bourne team up? Maybe my character I made Benjamin Agos comes together with another classmates secret agent and they stop the situation. This could be a great show but this is just a rough idea I had.

Reverse audio

This audio assignment is called reverse audio and is where you take a song from your iTunes account and reverse it in Audacity. It is worth 3.5 stars and brings me over the 12 star minimum. You then create three hints about the song. The first hint is it is from a musical about a sharp shooting cow girl. The second hint is that the musical stars my favorite Broadway actress Bernadette Peters. The last hint is that Irving Berlin wrote this musical.

If you couldn’t guess the song is Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better from the musical Annie Get Your Gun.

Real housewives tagline

This assignment was called real houswives tagline and was worth 3 stars. For this assignment you had to create a tagline for yourselves as if you were on one of the real houswives shows. I love those shows so this was great for me. I decided to make mine: my heart may not be gold, but at least my credit card is platinum. I chose this because on that show everyone has a cold black soul but they all have endless supplies of money and credit cards to I thought it would be fitting to combine the two. This has been my favorite audio assignment so far!


Good Morning Message

This assignment was called good morning message for the village and it was worth 2.5 stars. All you had to do was create a nice message for the villagers to wake up to. I channeled my inner Wisconsinite again and made a little message about black bears being gone from the village finally:

Sound effects story

This was my second audio assignment and I enjoyed this so much because there was so much room for creativity. I took it upon myself to tell the story with only sound effects from free sources of a small town Kansas farmer named Ted Hanks who goes about his day to day business of feeding his dogs, going to the store, and tending to his animals. But today is not like most days. After doing his usual chores a tornado warning comes out of no where. There was no forecast for one so he grabbed his child and got to their storm bunker, but then a horrible crash comes from no where, because the tornado is bearing down on them. Then an awful crash is heard and the wind blows on. Check it out below:


Radio bumper

I just finished the assignment called create a radio bumper. I had a major struggle with this one but I’m happy with how it turned out. I got some cool downloads from free sound effects sites and used my own voice to create the bumper for a radio station I made up called station W-KAY. I channeled my inner Wisconsinite when making the bumper because I’ve been watching a lot of That 70’s Show so it just flowed out of my mouth. Then I added a funky guitar sound in the background followed by audience applause. Overall this was a great way to learn how to do certain things on Audacity and I am very happy with how mine turned out:


Audio reflection

To start off the week I downloaded Audacity and the other software needed to do audio this week. I messed around with it for a little to get comfortable. In the past I had used it in some of my high school Spanish classes. Then I started listening to the audio file called Moon Graffiti. It was an amazing piece to listen to. I think that audio is the hardest form of art to use but it can be the best one. The person listening takes in what is being said and all of the different sounds and can sort of create the story in their heads which I think is an amazing thing. At the beginning the sounds that were put in and the speakers showed that something disastrous happened. While the speaker told of what was going on with the Moon landing there were sound effects put in that added depth to the story. The guys who played Neil and Buzz in the recording made you aware of what was going on and how dire the situation was. The music that played in the background while they left the shuttle and set foot on the Moon put me on the edge of my seat while I listened to what was going on. The fact that their voices is coming in fuzzy through the recording really gives you a sense of the technology they had and how far away they actually are. To hear how devastated they are in finding out they won’t be going back to Earth actually grabbed hold of me. Their conversation really makes you think how this actually could have happened and how shocking it would have been. The music they picked really suits the story that is going on. The speech that was written just in case really does put the whole situation into perspective. I for one had never thought what if the astronauts had never come back? This was a great podcast that combined sound effects, music, and spoken word and made it into something very deep and beautiful.

Week four summary

This week was great because we got to focus on my favorite form of art: photography. I love being able to capture a moment and keep it. I started the week by writing about my past experiences in photography. I’m the kind of person who takes ten shots of the same thing and hope it comes out alright. I just whip out my iPhone and take a picture of whatever. I usually only take pictures on vacations or when something big is happening like a holiday or birthday party. I then read two articles which were very cool and helped to give me a new perspective on photography. I wrote all of my old and new ideas in a nice little post:

Reflection of past photography

I then got to crack open the assignment bank. This week I got to focus on visual assignments which was so much fun. The first assignment I did was called love at first shot and it is where you find a picture of a couple in love and write a back story on them. I love seeing older couples like my grandparents who are still happily married so I took that route with my picture. I named the two Martha and Hugh and wrote about how they met and where they are now:

Love at First Shot

Then we got to chose one out of three assignments to do but two of them seemed so great that I went ahead and did two out of the three. The first one was called shadow of a doubt where you take a picture with shadows in it and write a story. I found a picture of two older people where their shadows are along a wall and they are performers. I took it upon myself to write a back story on them where they used to be performers but now cannot due to their old age:

Shadow of a Doubt

Then I did the assignment called who said what. This is where you take a picture, a quote, and who said the quote and fill them in with secret agents. I used one of my favorites, Max Smart from Get Smart where he has a dream where he is fat, the quote from Spy: “I look like someone’s homophobic aunt,” and gave the tribute of who said it to James Bond. I’m really proud of how it turned out

Who Said What

Then we got to do six more stars of visual assignments. The first one I did was 3.5 stars and is called Game of Thrones sigil. This is where you make a sigil for your own house- Game of Thrones style. I made one for my character Benjamin Agos and really liked how mine turned out after I fussed with it for a few minutes:

Game of Thrones Sigil

The next one I did was called the love of your pet. It was 3 stars and you had to make a collage of your pet which is great because I love my pets but not so great because I had to pick one out of four dogs to use. I decided to go with my yellow lab Thor because I have a ton of pictures of him:

Your Love for Your Pet

Throughout the week I did my three daily creates and they were some really good ones this week. The first one I did was on February 6 and I got to learn about something from 1856:

Then on February 7 I got to make the internet cute:

And on February 9 I got to make my own version of a Jackson Pollock:

While I was home for the weekend I got to use the photoblitz website where you take seven pictures based on the prompts it gives you in 20 minutes. I was home for the weekend and decided to do it and it gave me a lot of wiggle room to use my dogs. It was such a fun and creative activity and it didn’t even feel like an assignment from how much fun it was:


Throughout the week I had been commenting on people’s assignments. I really liked seeing people’s takes on the Game of Thrones sigil assignment. One person even included Harambe in theirs which I thought was amazing. The who said what was also a great assignment and I really liked seeing how people took on this idea and made it their own. I had a lot of fun with this week’s assignments and it was great to see that my classmates did as well.