As part of the weekly assignment I got to use this cool webpage called photoblitz where it gives you a list of things to take pictures of. My list was filled with some pretty cool things that I could take. The cool thing is that I was home this weekend and the list gave me a bunch of options to incorporate my dogs into the pictures.

The first idea from my list was what does disappointment look like? This is my dog Clay and disappointment is written all over his face when I stopped petting him:

The next prompt was make a photo of a thing is not like the other two in the picture. I title this one book, book, Mac….book? Two books and a computer one is not like the other.

Next on the list was someone else’s hand (or paw). Again my dogs came in handy this time (no pun intended) and I used my yellow labs giant paws to be the focus of this picture

The next idea was take an extreme close-up of an easily recognizable, common object. This one wasn’t too hard considering I always have my watch on:

The next prompt was make a photo of something you wear coat, gloves, scarf, hat, you name it! My favorite thing to wear is a good hat, so I went to my closet and took a picture of the line up:

After that was the prompt take the subject is isolated against a very bright background. I got my water bottle and sat it right in front of a great picture of Michael Scott from The Office:

Last on the list was noses, schnozes, beaks, snouts, probosci, snoots. Get the picture! I got to use a dog again this time I used my golden retriever and took a nice close up of his snout:

This was a great exercise to get my creativity flowing and show how great it can be to take pictures when you’re at home.

Your Love for Your Pet

This was a great assignment because I got to focus on one of my favorite things- my yellow lab named Thor. I may be a little biased but I think he is one of the cutest things on this earth. He such a sweet and goofy pup which makes him an A+ dog in my book. I love him to death and have a boat load of pictures of him so it was hard to choose just a few for this collage. Some of the pictures are just regular pictures but some like the one with the Christmas tree on his face are from Christmas. One of them was from the week we first got him and he was such a cute and squishy baby. I love this dog so much so this was an easy and fun collage to make.

Game of Thrones Sigil

I am a huge GOT fan, so this was a great assignment to do. I made the sigil for my character Benjamin Agos This is my finished sigil:

I used his last name as the house name because I think it is a pretty strong name. The sigil always features the surname and I just love his so it was great to use that. The icon is some sort of bird that I thought was really cool from the website. I modified House Tully’s motto of family, duty, honor to duty, honor, law, because Benjamin is big on being an honorable person and holds everyone to the standards of the law. It was great to use this assignment and be able to bring a little more depth to my character.

Shadow of a Doubt

Shadows are fun things to use when taking photographs. I found this amazing picture online at

I think this is an amazing picture because shadows can be used to show what the time of day is but these shadows show years in the past. These shadows show what these two people were in their past. They were both dancers. They may have performed for hundreds and possibly thousands of people and must have loved what they did. Now sadly they are older and cannot perform like they used to. They are bound to the canes and use them to get from place to place. This haunting picture uses shadows to show how life used to be for these two and how much has changed over time for them.

Who Said What

This was an amazing assignment to do. I took three of my favorite spy movies and created something that I think is really special. First I took a still from the movie Get Smart that has to be my favorite scene in the entire movie. At the beginning of the movie it shows us that Max Smart had a weight problem in his past. In this scene he is having a dream where he reverted back to his old weight and the guards give him a cake that he is eating. This scene never fails to make me laugh. I then took a quote from the movie Spy think Melissa McCarthy is amazing in this movie so I just had to take a quote from it. I used the quote: I look like someone’s homophobic aunt! I then gave James Bond the credit for the quote. All in all I am very proud of how it turned out:

Love at First Shot

Hugh and Martha have been by each others side for as long as they can remember. They met one day at a coffee shop when someone mistakenly took her drink and he offered to buy her a new cup. They sat in that shop for hours talking and laughing the day away. They married on a sunny day in April 1961. Fifty six years of being by each others side and nothing has changed between them. They originally met and settled down in London, she an actress, he a successful architect. In 1970 they moved to France to follow Martha’s acting career. After ten years in Paris they moved back to England, because it just wasn’t the same in a new country. Together they have four kids and eleven grandchildren. They wish they could see their family more often, but different things and events moved family members all over the country. This photo was taken on their fifty fifth wedding anniversary. Life for Martha and Hugh couldn’t get any better.

Reflection of past photography

When I was younger I was never one for photography, but in recent years I have come to really love it. It is my favorite form of art. I do take a lot of pictures, nothing special just with my iPhone, of my dog, landscapes, family pictures, etc. I don’t ever really have a particular approach unless it comes to landscapes or cityscapes. When I take every day pictures of my dogs or something I see that I enjoy I just snap a quick photo or two and call it quits. With landscapes and cityscapes I take more time with it. I make sure that I get the main focus of the object. Usually when I am in New York I like to go places where I can get some great pictures. I love going to Central Park and taking cool pictures there. I try and usually make sure that other people aren’t in the picture so it is just the landscape. When I am walking the streets of Manhattan I do the same and raise my camera or edit the picture so I don’t have people in the picture, I just want the cityscape. I think I am pretty good at taking pictures like these, because they are my favorite kind to take. Some resources I could use to take better pictures are using different lenses and angles when I take these pictures.

I really enjoyed these two articles I read about taking better photographs. Three of my favorite points from the becoming a better photographer article was get pickier, change perspective, and look at the light. The get pickier point means to not just take a ton of photos in a short period of time, but slow down and take one or two really good ones. I am guilty of this one. When I have my camera out and I see something I like I usually take a bunch of pictures and hope for the best. I can really take this point and slow down and really enjoy the moment to create a better product. The change perspective point means to literally change perspective or where you are taking the picture from. Usually I just take my pictures standing up facing the object I am capturing straight on. One thing I have always wanted to do is be laying on the ground and take a picture of something in front of me. I can take this advice and maybe finally do that. The last point I really liked was the look at the light comment. I’m not one to take charge when taking pictures, but something I could do to take better pictures is to move around the people or things I’m taking a picture of so that the lighting is changed for the better so I can produce better pictures.

The photography and narrative article was also very interesting. The article defined narrative as “an account of connected events.” I really enjoy that definition. This means with stories you are telling and pictures you are taking they have to be interconnected if you want to show a narrative.

I used this picture from the James Bond movie Spectre to evaluate some different facets of a photography. The selection of this picture is James Bond, it is what the photograph is focused on. Bond also represents a contrast in the picture. His outline is contrasted against the cabin and burning helicopter. The perspective is coming straight on in front of Bond and is not only taking in him but also the background of what is behind him. There isn’t too much depth in the picture, it just has enough to show what is going on behind 007. This picture is very well balanced I think because Bond is in the middle of the picture, but there is something in the background all behind him, so there isn’t an empty space. The moment is very well captured by the photograph. You can see the look of confusion on his face, and he has his gun out so he must have just been chasing someone. The lighting is perfect, as is for most photographs that come from movies or shows. The light is coming from above and in front of him so you can see everything in the shot perfectly. Bond is in the foreground along with all of the fallen snow and in the background are trees, a cabin, and a burning helicopter. This is a great picture to show these different points of photography.

Week three summary

This was a very exciting week in the ds106 community. I got to watch some very great stories that take different shapes according to Kurt Vonnegut. I watched Get Smart, because I am a fan of the movie so I thought it would be neat to watch the television show that it is based off of. Then I watched Kingsman: Secret Service. I love this movie so it was great to have a reason to watch it again. And it was for a class which makes it so much better! I then compared the two using the lecture from Kurt Vonnegut. This was very interesting to see how there are different shapes these stories can take on.

The shape of stories

This is the review of all three that I did earlier this week.

After watching these interesting stories I made my own secret agent character. His name is Benjamin Aggos. By day he is a lawyer at his firm Aggos, Gardner, but when he isn’t kicking butt in court he is working with MI-6 to bring down villains who threaten national security in England. After he brings down the bad guys he takes them to court and prosecutes them and gets them locked up for their crimes.

Character dossier

This is the background I made on Benjamin. I plan to expand on how he came to be the secret agent/lawyer combination and take a deeper look into his life. I might also do something with his partner Eleanor Gardner, but we will see where the semester takes me.

After creating Benjamin Aggos I got to take a crack at the assignments from the Assignment Bank. First I did a secret agent themed writing assignment. I decided to do the assignment called The Everyday Life of a Spy. I decided to take on my favorite secret agent James Bond, but take it in a different direction than it usually goes in. In by entry Bond is a little more whiny and complains of how M won’t agree to give him a week off.

A day in the life of 007

This was one of my favorite things being able to take a character I love and move him into a direction of my choosing. I like being able to have more freedom like that.

Then I did three other assignments from the writing bank which ended up adding up to 8.5 stars in the end. The first one I did was called Create a Silly Movie Poster. In this assignment you take a movie poster and just make it silly. I chose to take an extremely serious  Jason Bourne poster and add a little extra to it. I overlapped the title of the move He’s Just Not That Into You over top of the real title and add Kim Kardashian crying so it looks like Jason Bourne just isn’t that into Kim K.

He’s just not that into you


This was definitely my favorite assignment that I did from the Bank. This assignment was worth 3.5 stars but boy was it worth all the time that went into it. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

The next assignment I did was worth 3 stars and it was called Motivation. In this assignment you take an image and turn it into a not so motivating poster. I decided to take the majestic eagle who I think represents the spirits of a lot of secret agents and includes what they all probably think when it gets hard: if at first you don’t succeed get back in bed- it was never worth it to begin with


The last assignment I did was worth 2 stars and was called Google Draw Something. This is a cool website I didn’t know existed where it gives you something to draw and you have twenty seconds to draw it. I very much liked this. The last prompt I got was yoga so I decided to draw Bond doing some yoga on his day off.

Quick draw

This was a great way to get my creativity going and I very much enjoyed it. After I finished these assignments I commented on and liked some peoples tweets and blog posts.

Then I got to tackle some more daily creates. The first was to put yourself into the Mystery Van from Scooby Doo. Thanks to Photoshop this was great fun to do:

The next daily create I did was to build the ultimate toilet. I went simple and made the toilet have magic water to just get rid of everything once it hits the pot:

The last daily create was my favorite one we’ve had so far this semester. It really gave me a lot of room to use creatively:

In this new James Bond movie James has never been able to live up to his Gran’s expectations. Sadly she passed at one point in his life, but now she has come back as a ghost. Bond’s Gran is the Girl Who Lived Yesterday. As a ghost she follows him around to every mission he goes on and criticizes how he does everything. I think this would be great fun to do as a spoof sort of thing.

This was a very creative week and I had a lot of fun doing everything. I am excited to see what is in store next week.



Quick draw

Even secret agents need some time off to draw. Peep James Bond doing yoga in the bottom right box. This is a great way to get the juices flowing and show off your creativity!