Week ten summary

This was a very interesting week because we got a new format to use for storytelling- video. I really enjoyed using it throughout the week. I started it by reading the How to Read a Movie article and looking at the different parts of Every Frame a Painting and the different videos that went with it. These really gave me a new perspective on something that I thought I had a big grasp of.

Then I used the information I got out of these to make a video essay of my own. I used M’s death in the 007 movie Skyfall as my video and made a voice over in iMovie to go along with it. I talked about the lighting, design, and sound, and also commented on that part of the movie of their relationship and how they were always there for each other. I really liked how mine turned out.

Video essay

Then I did the character interview assignment where I had to answer questions based on how my character would. I used a text to voice generator because I have strep throat and it hurts to talk so this way I could have audio it just didn’t have to be my own voice. I answered eight of the questions. I really liked the questions what really happened to agent 106 and what happened when you jumped out of the plane over Monaco? I think that these were interesting to answer. I overlapped the dialogue of my answers over top of a picture of a secret agent so I wouldn’t give anyones identity away. I really liked the turn out.

Character interview

I went with the first choice and did the ten stars worth of video assignments. The first one I did was called one second video and is worth 2 stars. For this I made a one second video which told the story of me being home all week with strep throat. I took a video of me coughing with my cough medicine and giant water bottle in the background. I think it sums up my week perfectly in one second.

One second video

I did another assignment called where do you want to go that is worth 3.5 stars. For this I had to make a video of somewhere I want to travel. I want to visit London so I chose that. I used audio of the anthem God Save the Queen and overlapped it with pictures of the River Thames, Big Ben, and the London Eye. I think that the music pairs really well with the pictures and am glad it turned out so well.

Where do you want to go

The last assignment I did was called Favorite actor highlight reel and is worth 4.5 stars. For this I made a minute long highlight reel of my favorite Meryl Streep movies. I used the Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, and Julia and Julia as the sources. My favorite clip of her I think of all time is the coat and bag montage that I put in there from the Devil Wears Prada. I really think they went together well and that it turned out great.

Meryl Streep highlight reel

I did two daily creates this week. The first one was Wednesday March 29 and was a reply to what are they looking at. I figured it would be funny if they were watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The second one I did was Thursday March 30  which was reply with a hand drawn map and I replied to that one with a hand drawn map of London

And of course I have been commenting on my classmates work over the week.

Meryl Streep highlight reel

The last assignment I did was called favorite actor highlight reel and is worth 4.5 stars to bring me over the 10 star minimum.


For this assignment I used different videos of Meryl Streep who is one of my favorites. I wish I could have used more but I wanted it to be around a minute long. I used clips from the Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, and Julie and Julia. The one from the Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorites because she plays this very cold and demanding person which is what you don’t usually see from her. I also used a clip at the beginning from that where she gets off the elevator and looks like a terror. In Mamma Mia I used a clip from the song Dancing Queen when she is jumping around the room with her friends. At the end I used a clip of her beating the other cooks at chopping onions and taking pride in it. I used iMovie to put it all together and I really liked doing this assignment.


Where do you want to go

For my next video assignment I chose one called where do you want to go and it is worth 3.5 stars.

Where do you want to go

For this assignment I had to make a video highlighting landmarks of a place I want to visit. I have always wanted to visit London so I thought this would fit well. I used iMovie to put everything together. I chose an audio recording of God Save the Queen, because it is only fitting to have their national anthem in the video. Then I searched online for pictures of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the River Thames. I added all of these with the audio to make a nice piece of places in London I have always wanted to see.


One second video

For the options we had this week I chose to do the ten stars worth of video assignments. The first one I did was called one second video and is worth two stars.


For it you had to make a video that told a story in one second. I am at home with strep throat so I used that as my story. I showed in the video my gigantic water bottle, cough medicine, and book that has helped me through this week. In the background you can hear my lovely cough. I think that it was a good assignment that made me think outside the box because it gave me the parameters of only having one second worth of video.

Character interview

I really enjoyed this assignment because I got to be a sleuth to mask the fact I have strep throat. I emailed Professor Bond about this and he suggested I use a voice generator so I wouldn’t have to actually speak because my throat is really killing me. It was an excellent idea of his. I used a text to voice website I found online and downloaded the voice and put it into iMove. Then I found a cartoon spy and overlapped that with my recording of the answers to these interesting questions. My two favorite questions were which exotic orange animal would you be and what really happened to agent 106? I liked being able to take all of these questions and use my character’s, Benjamin Agos,  responses. It was hard to pick but I used eight of them to respond to. I exported to movie to youtube and I am very satisfied with the results.

Video essay

This was a very interesting assignment to do. I started by reading the how to read a movie post and thought it was very interesting. I liked how they evaluated Casablanca which is a classic. I liked how they took all of the various design parts and put it into one essay about it. I enjoyed that and also liked looking at the different parts of that cool series every frame a painting and also the video on how to structure a video essay. These were all very cool and informational. I then took my own crack at a video essay with iMovie. I used the clip of M dying in the James Bond movie Skyfall because it is an effective and powerful scene. I have strep throat so if it is hard to hear my voice over at some parts I apologize. I went over the lighting and sound at parts and how they are used as a way to show death has taken place. I really enjoyed this assignment. Below is my finished video essay.

Week nine summary

This week was a bit relaxing after the stress of our radio show week. I had a fun time doing these really fun assignments. The first thing I did this week was participate in the radio listen of one of the radio shows from last week. I listened to Agents on Air and it was super cool to listen to and tweet along with other classmates. I really liked their idea and thought that they were really creative and that it turned out really well.

Radio listen

Then I decided on who to choose for the DS106 showcase. I chose three different assignments that I considered to be the best because of the creativity and thought put into it and also because I could relate to some of them really well.

DS106 showcase

I did the web storytelling assignment which was so much fun. I used X-Ray Goggles to change around a google search result to a Hillary Clinton spoofed google result. It was complete satire and in no way is meant to be political. Please do not comment negatively about that it is just meant to get a few laughs. I really liked it because I took on a point of view of an angry Hillary and said things like she would lock Trump out of the White House and that she tackled Bernie Sanders. I really thought it turned out well. I especially liked how I could change the pictures that came up in the search results.

Web storytelling

I did just over eight stars worth of web based assignments. I think this was my favorite type of assignment from the assignment bank we have done so far. The first one I did was called google draw something and is worth 2 stars. For this I had to draw six different images in twenty seconds each and get the computer to guess what it is. I got it to guess five out of six which I thought was great considering I can’t really draw.

Google draw

The next one I did was called dream vacation on pinterest and is worth 3.5 stars. I liked this one because I am already an avid pinterest person so getting to use the site was great. I made a board for a dream vacation to London. A lot of the things I posted were pictures but others were top ten things to do that aren’t touristy or places to get food. I also posted some different museums like the Twinnings Team Museum or the Harry Potter tour. I really liked this one and I can use this if I ever make it to London.

Create a dream vacation

The last assignment I did was called Buzzfeed personality quiz and is worth 4.5 stars. For this I had to create a Buzzfeed personality quiz which I thought was great because I take so many of their quizzes so it was great to make one of my own. I made a quiz that would tell you which secondary character from the tv show Friends you would be. It took a lot of effort but it turned out super well. According to my result I’m Mr. Heckles.

Buzzfeed quiz

The last thing I did for this week was to create a connected daily create story. I took three of my daily creates and strung them together to tell the story of how I was elected President of the Judicial Review Board here at UMW. It basically told how I was super nervous about the whole election and then at the end I wore the same colored shirt as my VP to our weekly meeting on accident. I really liked how it turned out.

Connected daily creates

And of course throughout the week I did the usual commenting on people’s assignments and posts. Overall I really liked everything we did this week.





Connected daily creates

Small person from UMW runs for Judicial Review Board President. Very nervous and excited to compete she does all she can to campaign in the election of her life.

She learns many new things about her anxiety in the three week haul that was the election period. The small person chalks campus, puts up fliers, and exhausts social media in an attempt to spread the word. She loses sleep, possibly friends, and of course her sanity.

After all that this small person went through she won the election!!! Everything paid off in the end and she is happy with the turn out and excited for what is to come. In her first act as president elect she coincidentally wore the same colored shirt as her Vice President to their Sunday night meeting. Now she is living up to her commitment as President and is thriving.

Buzzfeed quiz

The last assignment I did to bring me over eight stars is called Buzzfeed personality quiz and is worth 4.5 stars.

For this assignment I had to create a personality quiz on Buzzfeed. I really love Buzzfeed so this was a great assignment to do. I decided to create a personality test that would tell you which secondary character from the tv show Friends you would be. I chose Janice, Mr. Heckles, and Ugly Naked Guy as the personality results and added questions that would obviously lead to those results. It was really fun to do something like this and I really enjoyed it. Feel free to take the quiz and comment which character you get:



Create a dream vacation

This assignment was called create a dream vacation on pinterest and is worth 3.5 stars.


I really enjoyed this assignment because I regularly use pinterest so it was fun to do. My dream vacation has always been to spend and extended vacation in London. I created a board to put all of my pins on and found some cool things to add to it.


I found cool pictures of Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and Big Ben which are places I would love to see. I then added things like the Twinnings Tea Museum and the Harry Potter tour which is something I have always wanted to go on. Then I added some top places to go for food and things to see that aren’t very touristy. I also pinned some translations of the slang that they use over there that I could use. Overall I really enjoyed this assignment because this could be things that I use on a realistic trip across the pond to London.