Google draw

The first web based assignment I did this week was called Google Draw Something and is worth 2 stars.

For this assignment you have to go to the google draw something site and follow the prompts it gives you to draw six things with twenty seconds to draw each image. I really liked this because it is a bit of a challenge

I’m not the best artist so it was interesting to see this pan out. I was very surprised that I got five out of six correct.



Radio listen

Tuesday night I tuned int Agents on Air on the DS106 radio. The agents talked about the different things they are up to. It was such a creative show and I really enjoyed listening to it. They were very interesting cases to listen to and hear what each agent was doing. I liked listening to the agent who was having a hard time deciding to take out their target it was a cool thing to hear that side of a secret agent. I really liked hearing the different perspectives that each spy has on their case they are on. I also really liked the gossip corner because it made the agents more human instead of just being these secret spies no one knows anything about. The one thing that I think needed work was making each segment sound more cohesive. Parts of the show sounded like their voices were very far away and faded a little. I think one thing that would make it a little better is making everyones voices sound the same so it flows better. Other than that I really liked the whole show, even the background music went well with everything. I really liked being able to tweet along with other people in the ds106 class. It was very cool to be able to do this again and get other perspectives from classmates.

Web storytelling

This week we did something completely new where we took an existing website and changed it up a little. I thought this was something really cool and interesting to do. At first I looked and was confused but as I looked more into what the assignment was I knew we could do a lot of things with it creativity wise. I used and turned it into a bitter Hillary Clinton google page. In my remix it looks like a page all about her but it really is dragging some people through the mud and talking about how she will beat down all of her enemies with her bare hands, which really isn’t that far fetched- just kidding I don’t want to get anything politically going on here I just think it is funny. I used X-Ray Google to change around what popped up and created fake twitter accounts for Bill Clinton, her daughter, Chelsea, and of course Monica Lewinsky. Then I added in some funny things like how she was born at the beginning of time and a fake article on her tackling Bernie Sanders. This is just a funny satire recreating I did of her google results.

This is the link to check out my remix:


DS106 showcase

Some of the best assignments that ds106 students have done have gone unnoticed because of the abundance of posts that go into the class feed. I went back through some of the different posts and found three that I really enjoyed and would consider the best. To me the best means a lot of thought and creativity went into the work that was created.

The first was a design assignment called contradiction creation from the blog Too Many Shoes. For this one they found an inspirational photo and put a not funny fake deep quote on top of it. I really liked it and thought that the effort and creativity that went into it makes it the best.

Contradiction Creation-I freaking love these

Another assignment I really liked was from the blog Megan Carey Art and for this one they put a quote from their favorite movie over top of a picture from it. They used Kingsmen: the Secret Service which is a movie that I really like and enjoy so I got excited when I saw this. “Manners maketh man” is the quote that was used and was put over a picture of one of the characters Harry Hart outside of the Kingsman shop. I thought that this was one of the best because it was really creative in the font and picture choice and it also looks well together. I also think it is great because it ties in with out secret agent theme.

Favorite Movie Quote

The last assignment I thought was the best was from and the assignment was to create an inspirational poster. For this one they took a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine which was my favorite show as a kid and put a cool inspirational quote with it. I thought this was the best because it was a great quote that was used and it went very well with the picture. I thought that it was so creative that it deserved to be featured.

Motivational Poster

All of the assignments that the people in this class do are great but these three to me were so wonderfully creative and well done that I dubbed them the best.




Week Eight Summary

This week my group worked on and created a radio show centered around a Miami Spy Convention we created. We did interviews with many different spies like Agent 99 and Maxwell Smart from Get Smart. It was so much fun to do and I had a great group to do it with.

Radio show week two

I am really proud of our finished product because we spent a lot of time working on the show and it was such a fun project to work on.

I did two daily creates this week as guided. The first one I did was on March 14 and was to post a picture showing perspective. I posted a picture of me from my trip to Colorado two summers ago in front of mountains in the Rocky Mountain National Park. I look so small compared to the gigantic mountain in the background that I thought it was great perspective.

The next one I did was on March 16 and for this one you had to take a Ladybird book and make a new caption for it. I found one that I really liked and thought was very funny because theres absolutely no way that the small square gift is a horse so to me it was very funny to find that.

And as usual throughout the week I have been commenting on people’s posts. This week was my favorite so far because of the different ideas my group had and the way that we worked together to create the finished radio show was stellar.



Radio show week two

This week my group got our radio show done. It turned out to be a really fun project to do and I had a great time doing it. My group decided to make a spy convention that included interviews of famous secret agents like Austin Powers and Maxwell Smart. Coming up with the interviews and recording them with my group was a blast. We met in the ITCC and used the recording booth downstairs which worked really well to pick up our voices. We used Audacity to record and we used the pitch effects to change the way our voices sounded for different parts of the show. I think doing the effects was my favorite. I got to pretend I was a famous reporter who had 60 Minutes and the Today Show on their resume and ask many different spies some intriguing questions. I think at the end it turned out really well. I didn’t have any expectations going into this week in creating the radio show but it was a blast.


Week seven summary

This week we started to work on our small group radio show. I got into a group with Kevin, Hannah, and Krystal. We all had busy schedules so we decided to make a google doc and send some emails throwing around ideas. One of the ideas that was thrown around was where we talk about our favorite secret agent and why they are our favorite. Below is a write up of our progress:

Radio show progress

I decided to use this idea to make a poster with some of the Bond actors and the tag “who’s your favorite.” I like the idea of multiple secret agents being talked about so I used my personal favorite, Bond, and made a poster for our show if this is the idea we end up using.

Throughout the week I did three daily creates. The first one I did was on Tuesday, February 28 and was a reply to the send a spy mask selfie. I hate taking pictures of myself so I used a selfie of someone else, the Master of Disguise:

The next one I did was on Wednesday, March 1 and was a reply to the show your spy secret weapon. What could be better than a multi use umbrella to take down bad guys?

The last one I did was on Thursday, March 2 and was a reply to the best of animals: make the animal cover. I used a picture of my dogs and called it the two dogs of Christmas.

Then I met the minimum for number of stars for audio assignments for the week. The first one I did was worth 3.5 stars and is where you had to reverse a song on audacity. I found a cool royalty free song online and put it in audacity and reversed it under the effects tab. I think it turned out really cool.

Reverse song audio

The next assignment I did was 2 stars and was called can’t get it out of my head. For this one you whistle a song that is stuck in your head. I had a weird song from a British tv show stuck in my head that I saw on Twitter.

Can’t get it out of my head

I did an assignment worth 3.5 stars and was called 800% slower. For this one you find a song and slow it down in Audacity by 800%. I found a royalty free French sounding song online and slowed it down under the effects tab. It sounds really weird but it was interesting to hear the before and after.

800 percent slower

The last one I did was worth 3 stars and was called make your own ringtone. This was the last one I did and brought me over the 10 star minimum. For this I found a guitar solo on the free sound effects sight and found a beat to put it to. I overlapped the two on Audacity and I think it turned out really well.


And as usual I commented on people’s assignments and posts. This was a good week and helped me to prepare for the upcoming radio show and let me use my creativity to do the audio assignments.

Radio show promo

One of the ideas that my group was throwing around for our radio show was to talk about who is our favorite secret agent and why. I really liked this idea so I thought that I would make a poster for it. The poster has some of the actors that played Bond on it and has the text “who’s your favorite.” I think that it could be something cool to use if we went with this idea.

Radio show progress

I started off the week with getting into a group for the radio show assignment. I got into a group with Kevin, Hannah, and Krystal. We all were pretty busy this week, so we decided to set up a google doc so that we can throw around ideas and get ready to do the actual show. I am excited to see where we go with this. I liked one of the ideas that was thrown around where we talk about our favorite secret agents and why we like them so much. I think it would be cool to see who likes which character and why. This radio show seems like it will be fun to do and let us be really creative during the process.


This last assignment worth 3 stars which brought me over the 10 star cap and was called make your own ringtone.

For this assignment you had to create a ringtone that could be used. I found a cool guitar solo and a drum beat on one of the free sound effects sights. I added them together to create a cool sound. I really liked this one and liked how my ringtone turned out.