A day in the life of 007

I just finished beating the crap out of that guy at the casino and got back with MI-6. M thinks I go a little rogue sometimes but I’m just trying to get the job done. She should try it some time it’s not as easy as it seems. I get shot at for heavens sake! It’s not freaking easy. I asked for a week off so I can read a few books I just picked up while going to pick up a girl for dinner and just relax. But no. “It’s your duty Bond to do what I tell you blah blah blah.” I just want one damn week off I haven’t had a week of in years. The closest I get is a hospital stay but then its back to the job Bond. Maybe I’ll take longer than usual during my next mission and have some me time. M would be pissed but she always gets over it. Until next time, 007.

Character dossier

Benjamin Aggos is one of the two partners at the law firm Aggos, Gardner. He and his partner Eleanor Gardner work in London at their firm. Ben somehow always seems to have an edge on new clients to prosecute before they become public knowledge which Eleanor finds odd, but doesn’t question. When he isn’t in court Benjamin works as a secret agent and stops the bad guys then brings them to court and prosecutes them. He has to travel all over the world in order to catch the bad guys, which he passes off as “obtaining new clients” for the firm. He is the usual tall, dark, and hansom spy and does well at it. Without the knowledge of his co-workers he is fed information from MI-6 and uses it to save the world from arms dealers, drug smugglers, and other threats to national security. Due to his already having the firm before joining up with MI-6 they let him keep his alternate identity of “Ben the lawyer” and give him time off to prosecute them in court, saving the government time and money and allowing Benjamin to profit off of his good works. There have been some close run ins at work like when Eleanor went through his brief case looking for court documents and coming across some of Benjamin’s weapons, or when his assistant picked up his phone when MI-6 was trying to get into contact with him. Benjamin is great at both jobs and is able to balance them well enough to where he has two identities and careers.

The shape of stories

The AV Club article gives a straight to the point review of a lot of well-known secret agent television shows. It compares three different types of sub-genres in the secret agent genre: patriates, pragmatists, and the rogues. The patriate style of secret agent works to defeat the bad guy who is threatening the good old U S of A. They will do whatever it takes to defend our country. The pragmatist type of character takes matters into their own hands and beat the bad guy because they are bad, because it is the thing they need to do. The rogue secret agents are the ones who are going against some sort of authority, like the government, and try to figure out who is trying to get them and take them down and get away from that person or organization. This was a very interesting article and shows how this genre can be split into three groups.

I then watched an episode of the television show Get Smart. I watched season one episode two called Casino Evil found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcmpnmYn-7g. In this episode the agency KAOS has a casino that it is using to take businessmen out of their companies which are weapons related. Zach Smart and Agent 66 decide to go undercover into the KAOS casino to stop the scam, which they do in the end and defeat KAOS’ operation.

After seeing a new type of secret agent story line I hadn’t seen before I decided to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service. This is one of my favorite non-James Bond secret agent movies so I was excited to have an excuse for watching it. I think it is really cool in this movie how you see Eggsy evolve from an average guy into this kick but agent. At one point he thinks he’s so bad he almost quits but thankfully her perseveres and sticks to it. I also love how Valentine is sort of this alternate villain. I don’t know about most but I sort of feel for the guy and almost like him at some points, lisp and all. But then you remember he got poor, sweet Harry Hart to kill a church full of people and you hate him. This movie takes a great comedic approach at the secret agent movie and it comes together so well in the end that it makes for a perfect movie.

In these two secret agent stories and in a few others I see the commonality of making fun of how easy it is to be a secret agent and how they always just know how to use their weapons and beat the villain. In Kingsman Eggsy doesn’t know squat about how to be a secret agent and you can see that play out in how the writers are sort of making fun with it. Another common theme I see is that the good guy always wins. No matter what the secret agent will beat the villain that’s just how it goes. The world would collapse and there would not be a good story line if the villain prevailed at the end of the move or show, it would just be a terrible ending.

Kurt Vonnegut talks about a basic story line where the character starts out then gets themselves into some form of trouble and then gets out of that situation. The next story shape he shows is where something great happens and then something happens to make the situation decline but then it gets remedied by the end of the story. The most popular story line he talks about is how the character starts in a hard spot and slowly they get better and better then it declines some and then it gets happier and the situation ends with the main character very happy. The first story shape Kurt Vonnegut talks about is the story shape of the Get Smart episode. The agents start out fine then get into the situation at the night club with KAOS and then the situation resolves itself and everything is better again. The story shape for Kingsman is the latter. Eggsy starts way down with no father and his mother is abused then he joins the Kingsman program and things start to pick up then Harry Hart dies and things get terrible for him again and then he defeats Valentine and he is the hero of the program and everything is great for him. In the end the bad guys are defeated by the secret agents and life for the agent goes back to its normal greatness in the case of agents like James Bond, or they get even better than they were before like Eggsy.

Week Two Weekly Summary

This week was a good week in the world of ds106. I learned that the students this semester are going to be able to help plot where the semester goes. I was put into the writing group with a few other students and when we collaborate we will be able to help take this course into a direction we want it to go in. I was assigned to the writing team and we were asked to look through past assignments to find some we likes and to create our own assignment. I created an assignment where you write an alternative story for your favorite secret agent character. I also suggested a good example of storytelling in the secret agent genre. One of my favorite cartoon is Spy vs. Spy, so that was my example because of how the creators can tell a story through cartoon without using words.

I then read a very interesting post on how to write an assignment post. I think that it was a very helpful article on how to construct posts for this class that can be meaningful and be able to show what you want it to. This week I did my first ever daily creates. The first one I did was on January 22 and the prompt was to create art with a question mark. On Sunday the Packers lost the championship game against the Falcons which inspired me to create this little number:

My next prompt was the following day, January 23, and it was to recreate a piece of art you did as a kid. When I was in grade school in art class we got to do some splatter pant art like Jackson Pollock, so I took to an online website and made my very own work of art in that style:

The last daily create I did was today, January 24, and the prompt was to print out a YouTube video. I was very excited to do this daily create because I didn’t even know that this was a thing that was possible to do. After learning how to do it I took to YouTube and hunted down my favorite clip from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he is doing a skit with Jennifer Lopez. They sing a really catchy song that always annoys my roommate but I love it so much I decided to use it for this small project:

At the bottom you can see JLo telling Jimmy off.

Our next task this week was to look through the assignment bank. I did this as I was trying to come up with ideas for my own writing assignment. I found this very interesting writing assignment called cartoons on trial where you outline a case where a cartoon character is on trial. I think that this could go so many different ways it would be extremely fun to do. I then created my own assignment like I wrote about above called create your own story line. Then on twitter I got to looking around at some different people’s daily creates and other tweets from class mates.

After that I was finally able to learn how to customize my blog. I already had the title down but it had so much more work to do. I already liked the current theme I had downloaded because it is visually appealing, but it needed some vamping up. I added an about page which gives a little run down on who I am and my career goals for after my time here at Mary Wash. I then found this really great picture of the gates at Buckingham Palace which I added as the picture that you first see when you go to my blog. I think that because its a picture with darker colors it helps bring in the rest of the theme with it. Then I added Askimet and Jetpack which are plug ins for my blog which will help make it run more efficiently.

Overall this has been a great week of really getting out of my comfort zone creativity wise and getting to know my way around my own blog.

First week’s Weekly Summary

In my humble opinion I think that my first week of ds106 has been a success. I have never done anything remotely near to using all of these different websites, so it is interesting to see how they work and what you can do with them to express who you are or what is going on in your life. I am really excited to have a blog, because in middle school I really wanted one for some reason but I had nothing to fill one with and also my mom wouldn’t allow it. Now having one for myself is extremely fulfilling. I named it legally brunette as a play on legally blonde because I have brown hair and I really want to become a lawyer when I graduate from UMW and go on to law school hopefully at the University of Richmond. I am especially looking forward to using the website Flickr because I really love to share pictures and just in the past day looking through the different pictures that are there I am very excited to use it. I made a few simple posts just getting some content out there on my profiles for people to look at so they can see who I am and why I have these accounts. After reading the 10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered I have a better sense of how I should be using these accounts and how to utilize them to their full extent. Now that I see what the theme for this class for the semester is I am super pumped to be a part of it. I am a huge fan of secret agent movies and stories, like James Bond and Jason Bourne, so this semester creativity wise I think will be great. I am so excited to see where this class will take my creative abilities and how all of this can come together.

Thoughts on Mission 106

I think that mission 106 is one of the coolest themes this class could take on. I am very excited to see where the class takes this theme and how we get to use it throughout the semester. My personal favorite secret agent is of course James Bond. My favorite bond is Danielle Craig because he is more of a risky Bond than all of the others, but Pierce Brosnan is a close second. I am also a big fan of the Jason Bourne series, except for the Bourne Legacy because Jeremy Renner was in it instead of Matt Damon and that just shouldn’t have happened. I think it could be cool if we took it in a possible direction of making our own secret agent and making a story for them and an identity for them to use throughout the semester. Over all I am extremely excited to see where this goes.

Thoughts on 10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered

I think that this article gives some great tips when it comes to getting yourself and your art out there. This is a great thing to be used in many fields, especially in this class. My favorite tip the author gave is don’t be human spam. So many people on social media and the web just constantly clog it up with posts trying to get more followers but not offering any substance to go along with their posts. In order to gain followers and have their profiles gain worth people have to fill their posts with something that will interest people and gain them their followers without begging for them.

Multimodal introduction

This is my first time using the websites flickr and soundcloud and I am very excited to see how they work!

My first tweet expresses the excitement I have right now:

To put my excitement for this class into a visual picture I chose this photo of my dog Champ when I took him on a car ride:


Sound cloud was extremely easy to use my first time when I recorded this:

I made my first YouTube video introducing myself:

This has been a really great way of getting used to using all of these different websites which I am very excited to use in the future for this class!