Weekly summary/reflection

Final project

This week I worked my butt off on the final project. I had a blast doing it, even though it was hard work. I focused mainly on the areas of audio, video, writing, design, and pictures. The prompt I chose to use was to investigate if Canada and Russia were conspiring with each other. I went a route of my agent, Benjamin Agos becoming a body guard for Prime Minister Trudeau and following him and President Putin around on odd outings. It was so fun to do this aspect. I started off photoshopping their heads onto strange things like the Vancouver Canucks and the famous scene from Titanic. Then I made an audio file of the Canadian national anthem with a record scratch that then led to a rap about Canada. I think that was the hardest part to do but it turned out super well. I then made a video with that audio in iMovie and added pictures of Canadian cities, pictures of Trudeau and Putin, and words to explain my mission. Then I made a design at canva.com with the Canadian and Russian flags and Trudeau and Putin with the sentence what is Justin Trudeau up to. I loved how it turned out. I focused on writing to string all of these elements together, because I think that writing is my strong suit and it would be a really good way to tie it all together. I made the writing a log of what Agent Agos was discovering in his time as a Canadian body guard. He stopped a boat bombing, an armed robbery, and a possible shooting, all with the help of his trusty umbrella. Then at the end of one of the outings he realized all it was was a budding bromance and not a massive plan to take over the world. It was good he was there to stop those incidents though because someone could have really gotten hurt. Overall I am so proud of all the work I did. I really did not want to use images and audio as formats for this project because I struggled with those, but I over came that and worked hard at it until I got something satisfactory. I worked so hard and love how this project turned out. I hope that it shows how much work went into it and how much I actually really loved the idea I used and the project as a whole.