This assignment is called signing words and is worth 4.5 stars to bring me over the 12 star minimum and it is going toward the theme of the class so it also brings me over the 6 stars for that.

In this video I am signing a common phrase heard in one franchise of secret agent movies. This is the first time I have ever had to take a video of myself signing. My sister learned ASL for years, so I am pretty familiar with the alphabet for it, so it was not a hard thing to do. I just had to familiarize myself with the sequence of the letters. I had a fun time using my ASL signing skills that I haven’t really used in a long time for this video. It was a very fun assignment to have to do.

How to video

This assignment is called how to video and is worth 4.5 stars.

I decided to use this as one of the assignments that counted toward the class theme. I decided to do a tutorial video on how to turn an umbrella into a secret weapon. I am still having difficulties with my strep throat so I used a text to voice generator and downloaded the audio. Then I found different pictures of umbrellas and spies to add. I talked about how you can hide a grenade in the hollowed out bottom of the handle and also how you can keep an audio recording device on it so you can always record audio when needed. I think it turned out pretty well. I did learn one thing in doing this video which was how to add external audio into the iMovie file. I added all of this together in iMovie and then uploaded it to youtube.

Where I want to visit

This assignment is worth 4 stars and is called where do you want to go.

For this assignment I had to make a video with pictures of a place I would like to visit. For it I chose Paris, France. I got an audio recording of their national anthem, La Marseillaise. I added pictures of the Eiffel Tower, The Seine River, and The Arc de Triomphe. I used iMovie To take all of these and overlap them which was a pretty effortless process. Then I published it to youtube so people can watch it if they desire. The one thing that I thought was really cool that I learned in making this was how to add opening and ending credits. Before this I had no idea how to add those, so I used google to figure it out. It turned out to be pretty easy once I figured it out. I really think that this came together really well and is a cool video


Meryl Streep highlight reel

The last assignment I did was called favorite actor highlight reel and is worth 4.5 stars to bring me over the 10 star minimum.

For this assignment I used different videos of Meryl Streep who is one of my favorites. I wish I could have used more but I wanted it to be around a minute long. I used clips from the Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, and Julie and Julia. The one from the Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorites because she plays this very cold and demanding person which is what you don’t usually see from her. I also used a clip at the beginning from that where she gets off the elevator and looks like a terror. In Mamma Mia I used a clip from the song Dancing Queen when she is jumping around the room with her friends. At the end I used a clip of her beating the other cooks at chopping onions and taking pride in it. I used iMovie to put it all together and I really liked doing this assignment.


Where do you want to go

For my next video assignment I chose one called where do you want to go and it is worth 3.5 stars.

Where do you want to go

For this assignment I had to make a video highlighting landmarks of a place I want to visit. I have always wanted to visit London so I thought this would fit well. I used iMovie to put everything together. I chose an audio recording of God Save the Queen, because it is only fitting to have their national anthem in the video. Then I searched online for pictures of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the River Thames. I added all of these with the audio to make a nice piece of places in London I have always wanted to see.


One second video

For the options we had this week I chose to do the ten stars worth of video assignments. The first one I did was called one second video and is worth two stars.

For it you had to make a video that told a story in one second. I am at home with strep throat so I used that as my story. I showed in the video my gigantic water bottle, cough medicine, and book that has helped me through this week. In the background you can hear my lovely cough. I think that it was a good assignment that made me think outside the box because it gave me the parameters of only having one second worth of video.