Game of Thrones remix

For this assignment I chose to do the remix button for it. I had to make a Game of Thrones house siglia and with my remix had to “stache it” which I took to meaning add a mustache to the house siglia. I used the website which is a family arms generator for the show. I used my surname as my house name and chose a mustache as the house seal so I met the “stache it” remix requirement. Then I added “the stache is strong” as the quote to go with it which I thought went well with the mustache icon. I liked the maroon color that was a choice so I used that as the color for the mustache. I think that it turned out very well.

Game of Thrones Sigil

I am a huge GOT fan, so this was a great assignment to do. I made the sigil for my character Benjamin Agos This is my finished sigil:

I used his last name as the house name because I think it is a pretty strong name. The sigil always features the surname and I just love his so it was great to use that. The icon is some sort of bird that I thought was really cool from the website. I modified House Tully’s motto of family, duty, honor to duty, honor, law, because Benjamin is big on being an honorable person and holds everyone to the standards of the law. It was great to use this assignment and be able to bring a little more depth to my character.