Final mission progress report

This week we were assigned to make a plan for our final mission of the semester. I looked through the files we were given and thought that they were all great but there was one that I really liked the most. To quote the excerpt from the final mission page: “We have unconfirmed reports that Canada is up to something, so we are looking to defuse the potential situation. Are they conspiring with the Russians? It may seem preposterous, but consider the facts: They’re both vast and brutally cold, they’re both into that hockey thing, and between the two of them they have Santa Claus practically surrounded. And you all know what that could mean. The question is, what will we do about it?” I really think that this could be a great thing to go off of and create a really cool report. I think that if done right it can turn out really well. I plan to use visual, design, and either writing or audio I haven’t decided between the two yet. I think when combined it can be a really cool thing. My agent, Ben Agos, might infiltrate the Canadian government, or he might impersonate Justin Trudeau. He will definitely be able to give Canada a good kick in the pants with what they are doing. I am really excited to see where this takes me.

Earlier in the week I created a poll about Agent Zero and what he is up to. According to my poll when he left his house the day before I created the poll he was either going to McDonalds or going to get some secret intel.

Twitter poll

This week was able to get me thinking about how to combine the different aspects that we have used this semester to create one big story. I am very excited to do this.


Week twelve summary

This week was so much fun for me. We focused on a completely new format that I really enjoyed- mashups. This was very interesting because I really haven’t seen much like it unless I go on twitter or tumblr and someone has made something of their own. I really got to put my picture editing skills to work which was very fun to try and get to learn how to do new things.

I started out the week by making a tutorial on an assignment that I did that I really enjoyed, but had trouble figuring out how to do it. When I originally did it the assignment took me a while to wrap my mind around it and figure out how to go about it. I thought since I had a tad bit of trouble creating it that I would make a tutorial for it. The assignment is called make it 800% slower. For this I had to slow down the tempo of a song by 800%. I used Audacity to do this and under the effects tab and picked change tempo and that slows it down. I added screen shots of how I did it so that it is easy to follow along to how I did it. Hopefully this tutorial will help students in the future, because I certainly needed it.

800% slower tutorial

After I did this I decided to tackle the remix portion of the week. I had always seen the button on assignment pages by was never sure what it actually meant. I got to find out this week and was interested when I got around to it.

The first assignment I did a remix for was create a game of thrones house and the remix I got was “stache it.” For this I had to incorporate a mustache into the assignment. I made a mustache be the house’s icon for the picture. I think it turned out rather well.

Game of Thrones remix

The next remix I did was create a silly movie poster. I chose for this assignment to be the one where I went off of something I had already done. I had made a mashup of crying Kim Kardashian and Jason Bourne in a movie poster with the tag He’s Just Not that into You. The remix I got was “stuffy art critic.” For this I pretended to be an art critic and critique my work. It was a little hard to do because I don’t critique art regularly but I think I got the hang of it.

Remixing movie poster

Then I did my 12 stars worth of mashups starting with the assignment I’m ready for my closeup that is worth four stars. For it I had to layer an intense closeup of someone on top of a landscape. I chose a closeup of Ginny from Harry Potter and layered it over a nice lake landscape. I think it turned out pretty well.

Closeup mashup

The next one I did was called movie mashup and is worth 4.5 stars. For it I had to make a new movie poster for two movies that I like that are often compared to each other. I chose Notting Hill and Love Actually as the two movies because I find they are compared to each other very often. I took a picture of the Love Actually Cast and layered a picture of Julia Roberts from the Notting Hill poster and added the words from the two titles so the new title is Notting Hill Actually. I really liked how it turned out but if I had more experience with pixlr it could have been better.

Movie poster mashup

The last assignment I did to bring me over the minimum was called your favorite team mashup and is worth four stars. For it I had to make a collage of logos from my favorite sports teams. I used the Pittsburgh Penguins logo as the base because it had a black, yellow, and white background which looked great. I added vintage logos of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers and also added the logos for the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Washington Nationals, and the University of Virginia. I’m a big fan of all Pittsburgh teams because my family is from there and I just love the Nats and Packers just because. UVA is my favorite university team, especially their lacrosse team so they obviously made the cut. I had a great time doing this because I got to find some really cool logos, especially the vintage Steelers logo.

Favorite teams machup

Then I did two daily creates this week. The first one I did was on April 10 and is in reply to celebrity heads in a jar. I didn’t know what this meant so I googled it and tweeted back one of the pictures I thought was really funny.

The second one I did was on April 11 and is in reply to what makes a happy place happy? I love books so I googled a huge library and tweeted back the picture I liked best because for me books make a happy place happy.

And of course throughout the week I have been commenting on other classmates assignments. I really enjoyed the mashup assignments this week and had a fun time working on them.



Week eleven summary

This week was sort of a continuation of last week with video being out main way of doing assignments. We got some insight on what we should be including in our videos and a tip to just focus more on the story telling which I really liked. I think because of this the videos that I made were a little better than the ones from last week. I used the resources on the website to get a little bit of a better understanding of how to download videos and do different things with them on iMovie which was nice.

Then I got started on doing more video assignments because I chose option one last week which was to just do a bunch of video assignments. This week I had to do 12 stars, 6 of which had to relate to the course theme in some way. The first assignment I did was worth 4 stars and is called where I want to visit. For this I had to make a video with music and pictures of a place that I would like to visit. I chose Paris, France because that is somewhere I have always wanted to go. I used their national anthem, La Marseillaise, and I used pictures of the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre. I used iMovie to combine these together then uploaded it to youtube. I think it turned out great.

Where I want to visit

The next assignment I did was worth 4.5 stars and had to do with the course theme and it is called how to video. For it I had to make a tutorial video, so I decided to make a video on how to make a secret weapons umbrella for secret agents. I chose to put in how you can put in a grenade in the handle and a recording device underneath it. I used a voice generator website again because I am still having trouble with my strep throat and added pictures of secret agents and umbrellas. I used iMovie again to add everything together and it turned out great.

How to video

The last assignment I did to bring me over the 12 star minimum was called signing words. This one also relates to the class theme so it brings me over that 6 star minimum. In this video I am signing a common phrase heard in a spy movie franchise. My sister learned how to sign a few years ago so I am a bit familiar with the alphabet for ASL, so I just had to familiarize myself with the sequence of letters and I was set. Then I uploaded my video of myself to youtube and it was great.


Then I had to create a mission for our class to do. I thought it might be cool to create a villain that our agents repeatedly have to stop and then create a scenario in which they meet and our secret agent defeats them. I think it might be a cool and creative thing for us to do as a mission.


I did three daily creates this week. The first one I did was on Monday, April 3 and is a response to the share some good news. I felt like dogs wearing hats was some great news, so I shared that.

The next one I did was on Tuesday, April 4 and is a response to make a lolhorse image. I wasn’t sure what that meant so I just went with it and found a funny horse picture on google. I think that this really embodies lolhorse whatever that may be:

The last one I did was Wednesday, April 5 and is a response to make a Huntsman Spider story. I think that after looking up what a Huntsman Spider is I am thoroughly disgusted so I found a cartoon that had no images of spiders and was sort of a small funny story:

And of course I did the usual commenting on others posts throughout the week.



Week ten summary

This was a very interesting week because we got a new format to use for storytelling- video. I really enjoyed using it throughout the week. I started it by reading the How to Read a Movie article and looking at the different parts of Every Frame a Painting and the different videos that went with it. These really gave me a new perspective on something that I thought I had a big grasp of.

Then I used the information I got out of these to make a video essay of my own. I used M’s death in the 007 movie Skyfall as my video and made a voice over in iMovie to go along with it. I talked about the lighting, design, and sound, and also commented on that part of the movie of their relationship and how they were always there for each other. I really liked how mine turned out.

Video essay

Then I did the character interview assignment where I had to answer questions based on how my character would. I used a text to voice generator because I have strep throat and it hurts to talk so this way I could have audio it just didn’t have to be my own voice. I answered eight of the questions. I really liked the questions what really happened to agent 106 and what happened when you jumped out of the plane over Monaco? I think that these were interesting to answer. I overlapped the dialogue of my answers over top of a picture of a secret agent so I wouldn’t give anyones identity away. I really liked the turn out.

Character interview

I went with the first choice and did the ten stars worth of video assignments. The first one I did was called one second video and is worth 2 stars. For this I made a one second video which told the story of me being home all week with strep throat. I took a video of me coughing with my cough medicine and giant water bottle in the background. I think it sums up my week perfectly in one second.

One second video

I did another assignment called where do you want to go that is worth 3.5 stars. For this I had to make a video of somewhere I want to travel. I want to visit London so I chose that. I used audio of the anthem God Save the Queen and overlapped it with pictures of the River Thames, Big Ben, and the London Eye. I think that the music pairs really well with the pictures and am glad it turned out so well.

Where do you want to go

The last assignment I did was called Favorite actor highlight reel and is worth 4.5 stars. For this I made a minute long highlight reel of my favorite Meryl Streep movies. I used the Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, and Julia and Julia as the sources. My favorite clip of her I think of all time is the coat and bag montage that I put in there from the Devil Wears Prada. I really think they went together well and that it turned out great.

Meryl Streep highlight reel

I did two daily creates this week. The first one was Wednesday March 29 and was a reply to what are they looking at. I figured it would be funny if they were watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The second one I did was Thursday March 30  which was reply with a hand drawn map and I replied to that one with a hand drawn map of London

And of course I have been commenting on my classmates work over the week.

Week nine summary

This week was a bit relaxing after the stress of our radio show week. I had a fun time doing these really fun assignments. The first thing I did this week was participate in the radio listen of one of the radio shows from last week. I listened to Agents on Air and it was super cool to listen to and tweet along with other classmates. I really liked their idea and thought that they were really creative and that it turned out really well.

Radio listen

Then I decided on who to choose for the DS106 showcase. I chose three different assignments that I considered to be the best because of the creativity and thought put into it and also because I could relate to some of them really well.

DS106 showcase

I did the web storytelling assignment which was so much fun. I used X-Ray Goggles to change around a google search result to a Hillary Clinton spoofed google result. It was complete satire and in no way is meant to be political. Please do not comment negatively about that it is just meant to get a few laughs. I really liked it because I took on a point of view of an angry Hillary and said things like she would lock Trump out of the White House and that she tackled Bernie Sanders. I really thought it turned out well. I especially liked how I could change the pictures that came up in the search results.

Web storytelling

I did just over eight stars worth of web based assignments. I think this was my favorite type of assignment from the assignment bank we have done so far. The first one I did was called google draw something and is worth 2 stars. For this I had to draw six different images in twenty seconds each and get the computer to guess what it is. I got it to guess five out of six which I thought was great considering I can’t really draw.

Google draw

The next one I did was called dream vacation on pinterest and is worth 3.5 stars. I liked this one because I am already an avid pinterest person so getting to use the site was great. I made a board for a dream vacation to London. A lot of the things I posted were pictures but others were top ten things to do that aren’t touristy or places to get food. I also posted some different museums like the Twinnings Team Museum or the Harry Potter tour. I really liked this one and I can use this if I ever make it to London.

Create a dream vacation

The last assignment I did was called Buzzfeed personality quiz and is worth 4.5 stars. For this I had to create a Buzzfeed personality quiz which I thought was great because I take so many of their quizzes so it was great to make one of my own. I made a quiz that would tell you which secondary character from the tv show Friends you would be. It took a lot of effort but it turned out super well. According to my result I’m Mr. Heckles.

Buzzfeed quiz

The last thing I did for this week was to create a connected daily create story. I took three of my daily creates and strung them together to tell the story of how I was elected President of the Judicial Review Board here at UMW. It basically told how I was super nervous about the whole election and then at the end I wore the same colored shirt as my VP to our weekly meeting on accident. I really liked how it turned out.

Connected daily creates

And of course throughout the week I did the usual commenting on people’s assignments and posts. Overall I really liked everything we did this week.





Week Eight Summary

This week my group worked on and created a radio show centered around a Miami Spy Convention we created. We did interviews with many different spies like Agent 99 and Maxwell Smart from Get Smart. It was so much fun to do and I had a great group to do it with.

Radio show week two

I am really proud of our finished product because we spent a lot of time working on the show and it was such a fun project to work on.

I did two daily creates this week as guided. The first one I did was on March 14 and was to post a picture showing perspective. I posted a picture of me from my trip to Colorado two summers ago in front of mountains in the Rocky Mountain National Park. I look so small compared to the gigantic mountain in the background that I thought it was great perspective.

The next one I did was on March 16 and for this one you had to take a Ladybird book and make a new caption for it. I found one that I really liked and thought was very funny because theres absolutely no way that the small square gift is a horse so to me it was very funny to find that.

And as usual throughout the week I have been commenting on people’s posts. This week was my favorite so far because of the different ideas my group had and the way that we worked together to create the finished radio show was stellar.



Week seven summary

This week we started to work on our small group radio show. I got into a group with Kevin, Hannah, and Krystal. We all had busy schedules so we decided to make a google doc and send some emails throwing around ideas. One of the ideas that was thrown around was where we talk about our favorite secret agent and why they are our favorite. Below is a write up of our progress:

Radio show progress

I decided to use this idea to make a poster with some of the Bond actors and the tag “who’s your favorite.” I like the idea of multiple secret agents being talked about so I used my personal favorite, Bond, and made a poster for our show if this is the idea we end up using.

Throughout the week I did three daily creates. The first one I did was on Tuesday, February 28 and was a reply to the send a spy mask selfie. I hate taking pictures of myself so I used a selfie of someone else, the Master of Disguise:

The next one I did was on Wednesday, March 1 and was a reply to the show your spy secret weapon. What could be better than a multi use umbrella to take down bad guys?

The last one I did was on Thursday, March 2 and was a reply to the best of animals: make the animal cover. I used a picture of my dogs and called it the two dogs of Christmas.

Then I met the minimum for number of stars for audio assignments for the week. The first one I did was worth 3.5 stars and is where you had to reverse a song on audacity. I found a cool royalty free song online and put it in audacity and reversed it under the effects tab. I think it turned out really cool.

Reverse song audio

The next assignment I did was 2 stars and was called can’t get it out of my head. For this one you whistle a song that is stuck in your head. I had a weird song from a British tv show stuck in my head that I saw on Twitter.

Can’t get it out of my head

I did an assignment worth 3.5 stars and was called 800% slower. For this one you find a song and slow it down in Audacity by 800%. I found a royalty free French sounding song online and slowed it down under the effects tab. It sounds really weird but it was interesting to hear the before and after.

800 percent slower

The last one I did was worth 3 stars and was called make your own ringtone. This was the last one I did and brought me over the 10 star minimum. For this I found a guitar solo on the free sound effects sight and found a beat to put it to. I overlapped the two on Audacity and I think it turned out really well.


And as usual I commented on people’s assignments and posts. This was a good week and helped me to prepare for the upcoming radio show and let me use my creativity to do the audio assignments.

Week six summary

This week was focused on the format of design and I really enjoyed it. To start the week off I chose to read the article The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli. I thought that this really gave a great view into the many different aspects of design. There were many that I had already heard and knew of but then there were some that I had no idea that went into design. My favorite aspect that he talked about was ambiguity because he used it in a positive way. He defined it as multiple people being able to derive many different meanings from the work. I thought this was cool because I often read a book or see a painting and get a different meaning that the people around me.

Design thoughts

I completed the design blitz and had a lot of fun with it. I chose to do typography, balance, dominance, and color. I was home this weekend so I got to use my dogs as models for this assignment. My favorite picture of the four that I took was the picture I used for color because I got to take a cool picture of the sunset and see how the colors complimented each other. Overall I thought this was a super fun assignment because I got to put aspects of design to use and use my creativity.

Design blitz

Throughout the week I did three daily creates. I really liked the one where I dubbed Thunderstruck by ACDC overtop of the various 007’s saying “I’m Bond, James Bond.”

Week six daily creates

I completed the destination postcard assignment. I chose my favorite spot in Manhattan, Bethesda Fountain, and added a nice wish you were here along the side. I even used my own picture I had taken a year ago for the picture.

Destination post card

Then I went on to do ten stars of design assignments from the assignment bank. The first one I did 3 stars and was called minimalist tv poster. I chose to make a new poster for How I Met Your Mother. I really like this show and one of the major themes is the yellow umbrella Ted finds, so I made that the focus of the poster. I also used the umbrella as a way to bring in my secret agent because my agent always carries an umbrella that he likes to use to fight with. It is always rainy in London where he works so it is not out of place to have an umbrella.

Minimalist tv poster

The next one I did was 3.5 stars and was called one story four icons. I chose to do Les Miserables as the story and chose the icons of bread, the christian cross, the French flag, and love. My secret agent character is originally from France, so choosing a story from his home country for this assignment was perfect. These are the themes from that story and I thought that together they would be effective to show it

One story, four icons

The last assignment I did was worth 3.5 stars and was called most wanted outlaw. For this assignment you took one of the top ten outlaws of the wild west and made a new wanted poster for them. I chose Jesse James because I have a little bit of an interest in what he did back then. I think that the poster turned out really well.

Most wanted outlaw

Throughout the week I had been commenting on people’s posts to give them some feedback. This was a great week and I am excited to see what is in store for next week.


Week five summary

This week was focused on the format audio. I was a little nervous going into this week because I had experience in the other formats we have used in the past week, but not in this. It turned out that I had a lot of fun doing the assignments and got to be very creative in what I did. The first assignment I did was an audio reflection on my past experiences in using audio, which isn’t much. Then I listened to the audio file Moon Graffiti which I thought was awesome. It was based off of a speech for Richard Nixon in case the first astronauts on the Moon did not return home. I thought it was so cool how the music and sound effects help create the story and turn it into something really neat.

Audio reflection


Throughout the week I completed three daily creates:

Week five daily creates

Monday through Thursday of this week there was a radio show we tuned in to and tweeted along with. I really enjoyed this because I feel like it created a sense of community and helped to bring the class together. The Limetown radio show had a dark edge to it but the tweets sort of brought a little light to it. Overall I think this was a great experience and I would love to do something like it again.

Ds106 radio show

I created a short radio bumper for a radio station I made up called W-KAY. I think that this was a cool way to ease into the idea of combining narration and audio together and it also helped me get used to using Audacity.

Radio bumper

Then I brainstormed an idea for a radio show for our class. I thought that in using our secret agent them that two agents could come together or go against each other to diffuse a situation:

Radio show idea

Later in the week I did 12 stars worth of audio assignments from the assignment bank. The first one I did was called sound effects story where you create a story using only sound effects. I decided to make mine about a farmer who has to take cover from a tornado that comes through his town. I really liked this because I got to learn more about how to use Audacity:

Sound effects story

The next one I did was worth 2.5 stars and was called good morning message. You basically made a message for the villagers to wake up to one morning. Mine was to tell the villagers that the black bears that had once been there were now gone:

Good Morning Message

I did a 3 star one after that called Real Housewives tag ling. Wheat you had to do was create a tag line for yourself as if you were on the show. Mine was “my heart may not be gold, but my credit card is platinum.” I thought it was a fun and light idea for an assignment and I love the Real Housewives shows so this was great:

Real housewives tagline

The next one I did was worth 3.5 and was called reverse audio and you just reverse a song of your choosing and make some hints about what it is. Mine was Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better from Annie Get Your Gun. I really liked this because it was cool to hear a song backwards because I’d never heard it before like that:

Reverse audio


The last one I did was worth 3 stars and it was called create your own ringtone. In this you make a 30 second ringtone. I combined two different guitar solos to make this and it turned out pretty well:

Make your own ringtone

Throughout the week I was commenting on people’s posts and I really liked how a lot of their sound effects stories turned out.





Week four summary

This week was great because we got to focus on my favorite form of art: photography. I love being able to capture a moment and keep it. I started the week by writing about my past experiences in photography. I’m the kind of person who takes ten shots of the same thing and hope it comes out alright. I just whip out my iPhone and take a picture of whatever. I usually only take pictures on vacations or when something big is happening like a holiday or birthday party. I then read two articles which were very cool and helped to give me a new perspective on photography. I wrote all of my old and new ideas in a nice little post:

Reflection of past photography

I then got to crack open the assignment bank. This week I got to focus on visual assignments which was so much fun. The first assignment I did was called love at first shot and it is where you find a picture of a couple in love and write a back story on them. I love seeing older couples like my grandparents who are still happily married so I took that route with my picture. I named the two Martha and Hugh and wrote about how they met and where they are now:

Love at First Shot

Then we got to chose one out of three assignments to do but two of them seemed so great that I went ahead and did two out of the three. The first one was called shadow of a doubt where you take a picture with shadows in it and write a story. I found a picture of two older people where their shadows are along a wall and they are performers. I took it upon myself to write a back story on them where they used to be performers but now cannot due to their old age:

Shadow of a Doubt

Then I did the assignment called who said what. This is where you take a picture, a quote, and who said the quote and fill them in with secret agents. I used one of my favorites, Max Smart from Get Smart where he has a dream where he is fat, the quote from Spy: “I look like someone’s homophobic aunt,” and gave the tribute of who said it to James Bond. I’m really proud of how it turned out

Who Said What

Then we got to do six more stars of visual assignments. The first one I did was 3.5 stars and is called Game of Thrones sigil. This is where you make a sigil for your own house- Game of Thrones style. I made one for my character Benjamin Agos and really liked how mine turned out after I fussed with it for a few minutes:

Game of Thrones Sigil

The next one I did was called the love of your pet. It was 3 stars and you had to make a collage of your pet which is great because I love my pets but not so great because I had to pick one out of four dogs to use. I decided to go with my yellow lab Thor because I have a ton of pictures of him:

Your Love for Your Pet

Throughout the week I did my three daily creates and they were some really good ones this week. The first one I did was on February 6 and I got to learn about something from 1856:

Then on February 7 I got to make the internet cute:

And on February 9 I got to make my own version of a Jackson Pollock:

While I was home for the weekend I got to use the photoblitz website where you take seven pictures based on the prompts it gives you in 20 minutes. I was home for the weekend and decided to do it and it gave me a lot of wiggle room to use my dogs. It was such a fun and creative activity and it didn’t even feel like an assignment from how much fun it was:


Throughout the week I had been commenting on people’s assignments. I really liked seeing people’s takes on the Game of Thrones sigil assignment. One person even included Harambe in theirs which I thought was amazing. The who said what was also a great assignment and I really liked seeing how people took on this idea and made it their own. I had a lot of fun with this week’s assignments and it was great to see that my classmates did as well.