Design thoughts

To start of the week I read The Vignelli Canon  by Massimo Vignelli. I thought that it was a very interesting booklet to read and take in. The upside was there were many pictures to look at, so I was never bored. I took down some notes while I was reading through it which helped to retain the information given. I do have to say though that I thought the first part was more interesting than the second. It had many different takes on what goes into graphic design. I really enjoyed the parts where he talked about semantics, discipline, and ambiguity. Semantics is the understanding of the subject of the design, it has to make sense to everyone who sees it. Discipline is exactly what it means for the artist and the work to be disciplined. Every part that builds into the final design has to be just so in order for it to come out the way the artist wanted. If the artist is lazy and cuts corners then the design will not come out as expected. The last thing that I really liked from part one was when he talked about ambiguity. I liked how he used the word positively and made it into what he called “a plurality of meanings.” This meant that the work can be interpreted in different ways even though it is just one design. I think that this is great because people tend to take in the same work of art and think differently about it, so I really liked that he had this in the book. My favorite part from the second part was when he talked about grids for books. I really love to read and never thought much as to how they are laid out. This is a nice way to organize what goes into the book and make it aesthetically pleasing for the readers. I also liked how he talked about typeface because I think it is cool how different fonts can convey different messages. I could really tell throughout he has a love of design and really cared about what went into the book. Overall I thought it was a cool read and enjoyed it very much.



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