Audio reflection

To start off the week I downloaded Audacity and the other software needed to do audio this week. I messed around with it for a little to get comfortable. In the past I had used it in some of my high school Spanish classes. Then I started listening to the audio file called Moon Graffiti. It was an amazing piece to listen to. I think that audio is the hardest form of art to use but it can be the best one. The person listening takes in what is being said and all of the different sounds and can sort of create the story in their heads which I think is an amazing thing. At the beginning the sounds that were put in and the speakers showed that something disastrous happened. While the speaker told of what was going on with the Moon landing there were sound effects put in that added depth to the story. The guys who played Neil and Buzz in the recording made you aware of what was going on and how dire the situation was. The music that played in the background while they left the shuttle and set foot on the Moon put me on the edge of my seat while I listened to what was going on. The fact that their voices is coming in fuzzy through the recording really gives you a sense of the technology they had and how far away they actually are. To hear how devastated they are in finding out they won’t be going back to Earth actually grabbed hold of me. Their conversation really makes you think how this actually could have happened and how shocking it would have been. The music they picked really suits the story that is going on. The speech that was written just in case really does put the whole situation into perspective. I for one had never thought what if the astronauts had never come back? This was a great podcast that combined sound effects, music, and spoken word and made it into something very deep and beautiful.

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