Character dossier

Benjamin Aggos is one of the two partners at the law firm Aggos, Gardner. He and his partner Eleanor Gardner work in London at their firm. Ben somehow always seems to have an edge on new clients to prosecute before they become public knowledge which Eleanor finds odd, but doesn’t question. When he isn’t in court Benjamin works as a secret agent and stops the bad guys then brings them to court and prosecutes them. He has to travel all over the world in order to catch the bad guys, which he passes off as “obtaining new clients” for the firm. He is the usual tall, dark, and hansom spy and does well at it. Without the knowledge of his co-workers he is fed information from MI-6 and uses it to save the world from arms dealers, drug smugglers, and other threats to national security. Due to his already having the firm before joining up with MI-6 they let him keep his alternate identity of “Ben the lawyer” and give him time off to prosecute them in court, saving the government time and money and allowing Benjamin to profit off of his good works. There have been some close run ins at work like when Eleanor went through his brief case looking for court documents and coming across some of Benjamin’s weapons, or when his assistant picked up his phone when MI-6 was trying to get into contact with him. Benjamin is great at both jobs and is able to balance them well enough to where he has two identities and careers.

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