Design blitz

Throughout the weekend I had been taking pictures of things for the design blitz assignment and I really enjoyed it. I think it really helped me to analyze the different aspects of design and take pictures of thing that I saw that embodied them. The first aspect for the design blitz was typography. On Friday I received a pen with some Chinese lettering on it from one of my professors. The company the pen came from was an American company with some Chinese ties, so I thought it was interesting to see advertising in Chinese and that it would be cool to use as the typography picture. Typography can be any type of lettering used, so I thought that the Chinese lettering was an interesting take on this:


The next aspect I used was balance. I was home this weekend, so of course I used my dogs as subjects for this assignment. My yellow lab Thor was sitting on the kitchen floor begging for hand outs during lunch and I looked down at him and thought that where he was sitting made for a good picture showing balance. The picture showed symmetrical balance because he is in the center of the floor, so the surrounding area made it look symmetrically balanced:


I then used my other dog to show the design aspect dominance. The way that the light was coming through the house cast a shadow over my dog Clay. This shows dominance because the shadow makes him the focal point of the picture. It really emphasizes him as the center of the picture:

dark dog

The last picture I took showed the aspect of color. I was at the river with a friend yesterday at sunset and really loved how the colors of the sky came together. I think that the pinks and oranges of the setting sun really blended well and complemented each other which made for a great picture:


Overall I really was satisfied with the pictures that I took and thought it was a great way to let my creativity to shine through.





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