Ds106 radio show

This week our assignment was to tune in to a radio show done by ds106 and tweet along with our classmates. This was a great experience for me because the tweets gave everyone’s perspective on what was going on. The radio show was called Limetown and while it had quite a dark story surrounding its main character the tweets tended to break up the seriousness of it all. I was drawn in to the characters story and how everyone she seems to talk to dies. Last night was the final night and it left on a huge cliff hanger and in a possible death. I think that the way it ended leaves everything up for interpretation. On twitter I feel like I got to know who my classmates are a little better and banter back and forth with them. If for some reason I didn’t understand what went on which happened once or twice I just looked at the tweets surrounding it and was back on track in no time. This was a really great assignment that I very much enjoyed. #ds106 really brought us all together.

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