DS106 showcase

Some of the best assignments that ds106 students have done have gone unnoticed because of the abundance of posts that go into the class feed. I went back through some of the different posts and found three that I really enjoyed and would consider the best. To me the best means a lot of thought and creativity went into the work that was created.

The first was a design assignment called contradiction creation from the blog Too Many Shoes. For this one they found an inspirational photo and put a not funny fake deep quote on top of it. I really liked it and thought that the effort and creativity that went into it makes it the best.

Contradiction Creation-I freaking love these

Another assignment I really liked was from the blog Megan Carey Art and for this one they put a quote from their favorite movie over top of a picture from it. They used Kingsmen: the Secret Service which is a movie that I really like and enjoy so I got excited when I saw this. “Manners maketh man” is the quote that was used and was put over a picture of one of the characters Harry Hart outside of the Kingsman shop. I thought that this was one of the best because it was really creative in the font and picture choice and it also looks well together. I also think it is great because it ties in with out secret agent theme.

Favorite Movie Quote

The last assignment I thought was the best was from http://igtherioncrossek.com/ and the assignment was to create an inspirational poster. For this one they took a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine which was my favorite show as a kid and put a cool inspirational quote with it. I thought this was the best because it was a great quote that was used and it went very well with the picture. I thought that it was so creative that it deserved to be featured.

Motivational Poster

All of the assignments that the people in this class do are great but these three to me were so wonderfully creative and well done that I dubbed them the best.




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