Favorite teams machup


The last mashup assignment I did is called your favorite team mashup and is worth 4 stars which brings me over the 12 star minimum. For this I had to make a collage of the logos for my favorite sports teams. It was hard to pick which ones made the cut because I like so many different teams but I made it work. I started with the Pittsburgh Penguins logo as the base layer because it had a cool black, yellow, and white background. Then I found a Pittsburgh Steelers logo from the 60’s I really liked as well as an older Green Bay Packers logo I like. Then I added the National’s and Pittsburgh Pirates logos as well. If you can’t tell I’m a huge Pittsburgh anything fan because my family is from there. Then I added a logo of the University of Virginia because they have always been my favorite university team no matter what the sport, but they are my top favorite college lacrosse team. I used http://pixlr.com/editor/ to layer all of the logos together to make one big collage. I think if I had more skill in pixlr I would have been able to make a better collage of these team logos but I still really liked how it turned out, especially because I got to use vintage logos for the Packers and Steelers. Overall I really liked this assignment and it was my favorite one of the week to do.

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