First week’s Weekly Summary

In my humble opinion I think that my first week of ds106 has been a success. I have never done anything remotely near to using all of these different websites, so it is interesting to see how they work and what you can do with them to express who you are or what is going on in your life. I am really excited to have a blog, because in middle school I really wanted one for some reason but I had nothing to fill one with and also my mom wouldn’t allow it. Now having one for myself is extremely fulfilling. I named it legally brunette as a play on legally blonde because I have brown hair and I really want to become a lawyer when I graduate from UMW and go on to law school hopefully at the University of Richmond. I am especially looking forward to using the website Flickr because I really love to share pictures and just in the past day looking through the different pictures that are there I am very excited to use it. I made a few simple posts just getting some content out there on my profiles for people to look at so they can see who I am and why I have these accounts. After reading the 10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered I have a better sense of how I should be using these accounts and how to utilize them to their full extent. Now that I see what the theme for this class for the semester is I am super pumped to be a part of it. I am a huge fan of secret agent movies and stories, like James Bond and Jason Bourne, so this semester creativity wise I think will be great. I am so excited to see where this class will take my creative abilities and how all of this can come together.

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