Love at First Shot

Hugh and Martha have been by each others side for as long as they can remember. They met one day at a coffee shop when someone mistakenly took her drink and he offered to buy her a new cup. They sat in that shop for hours talking and laughing the day away. They married on a sunny day in April 1961. Fifty six years of being by each others side and nothing has changed between them. They originally met and settled down in London, she an actress, he a successful architect. In 1970 they moved to¬†France to follow Martha’s acting career. After ten years in Paris they moved back to England, because it just wasn’t the same in a new country. Together they have four kids and eleven grandchildren. They wish they could see their family more often, but different things and events moved family members all over the country. This photo was taken on their fifty fifth wedding anniversary. Life for Martha and Hugh couldn’t get any better.

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  1. I love this story, it’s so cute! You can definitely tell by the picture they love each other and you have done a great job of displaying this in your passage. They look like in the picture they have such a great and complete life and you have captured this with words.

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