Movie poster mashup

This assignment is called movie mashup and is worth 4.5 stars. For it I had to take a poster from a movie I like and mash it up with a movie it is often compared to. One of my favorite movies is Love Actually so I decided to go with that as the poster of the movie I like. It is often compared to the movie Notting Hill, so I used that one as well. I decided to use to edit these posters together. I used a picture of some of the cast of Love Actually as the original layer and took the part of the Notting Hill poster with Julia Roberts in the background and layered it on top and made it a little opaque so it is easier to see the two. I decided to put the cut out of her head next to Hugh Grant because he is one of the reasons the two movies link together and are often compared to each other. Then I took the words Notting Hill from that poster and took the word actually from the other poster and layered those together on top so it looked like the title is now Notting Hill Actually. I think that it turned out pretty well and enjoyed making it.

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  1. You even mashed up the titles thats totally great. I think it is neat how you chose two films that mean a lot and that had a connection in a way. You even went as far as adding Julia Roberts back in floating head style.

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