Radio listen

Tuesday night I tuned int Agents on Air on the DS106 radio. The agents talked about the different things they are up to. It was such a creative show and I really enjoyed listening to it. They were very interesting cases to listen to and hear what each agent was doing. I liked listening to the agent who was having a hard time deciding to take out their target it was a cool thing to hear that side of a secret agent. I really liked hearing the different perspectives that each spy has on their case they are on. I also really liked the gossip corner because it made the agents more human instead of just being these secret spies no one knows anything about. The one thing that I think needed work was making each segment sound more cohesive. Parts of the show sounded like their voices were very far away and faded a little. I think one thing that would make it a little better is making everyones voices sound the same so it flows better. Other than that I really liked the whole show, even the background music went well with everything. I really liked being able to tweet along with other people in the ds106 class. It was very cool to be able to do this again and get other perspectives from classmates.

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