Radio show week two

This week my group got our radio show done. It turned out to be a really fun project to do and I had a great time doing it. My group decided to make a spy convention that included interviews of famous secret agents like Austin Powers and Maxwell Smart. Coming up with the interviews and recording them with my group was a blast. We met in the ITCC and used the recording booth downstairs which worked really well to pick up our voices. We used Audacity to record and we used the pitch effects to change the way our voices sounded for different parts of the show. I think doing the effects was my favorite. I got to pretend I was a famous reporter who had 60 Minutes and the Today Show on their resume and ask many different spies some intriguing questions. I think at the end it turned out really well. I didn’t have any expectations going into this week in creating the radio show but it was a blast.


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  1. Wow the idea of interviewing famous spies is incredibly interesting. I am really excited to hear how you all pulled that off with effects and script!

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