Shadow of a Doubt

Shadows are fun things to use when taking photographs. I found this amazing picture online at

I think this is an amazing picture because shadows can be used to show what the time of day is but these shadows show years in the past. These shadows show what these two people were in their past. They were both dancers. They may have performed for hundreds and possibly thousands of people and must have loved what they did. Now sadly they are older and cannot perform like they used to. They are bound to the canes and use them to get from place to place. This haunting picture uses shadows to show how life used to be for these two and how much has changed over time for them.

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  1. What a lovely photo! It seems like it could contain so many different types of stories – I like your interpretation of how the shadows reflect the woman’s and man’s former selves and how there’s an element of longing to return to those selves within the image. 🙂

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