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This was a very interesting assignment to do. I started by reading the how to read a movie post and thought it was very interesting. I liked how they evaluated Casablanca which is a classic. I liked how they took all of the various design parts and put it into one essay about it. I enjoyed that and also liked looking at the different parts of that cool series every frame a painting and also the video on how to structure a video essay. These were all very cool and informational. I then took my own crack at a video essay with iMovie. I used the clip of M dying in the James Bond movie Skyfall because it is an effective and powerful scene. I have strep throat so if it is hard to hear my voice over at some parts I apologize. I went over the lighting and sound at parts and how they are used as a way to show death has taken place. I really enjoyed this assignment. Below is my finished video essay.

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  1. I think the scene you chose is a good example of lighting as you pointed out. It is a little hard to hear you over the scene (being sick is awful) maybe in the future you could lower the volume of the audio in the scene to help your audio be heard without straining your voice.

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