Web storytelling

This week we did something completely new where we took an existing website and changed it up a little. I thought this was something really cool and interesting to do. At first I looked and was confused but as I looked more into what the assignment was I knew we could do a lot of things with it creativity wise. I used google.com and turned it into a bitter Hillary Clinton google page. In my remix it looks like a page all about her but it really is dragging some people through the mud and talking about how she will beat down all of her enemies with her bare hands, which really isn’t that far fetched- just kidding I don’t want to get anything politically going on here I just think it is funny. I used X-Ray Google to change around what popped up and created fake twitter accounts for Bill Clinton, her daughter, Chelsea, and of course Monica Lewinsky. Then I added in some funny things like how she was born at the beginning of time and a fake article on her tackling Bernie Sanders. This is just a funny satire recreating I did of her google results.

This is the link to check out my remix:



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