Week eleven summary

This week was sort of a continuation of last week with video being out main way of doing assignments. We got some insight on what we should be including in our videos and a tip to just focus more on the story telling which I really liked. I think because of this the videos that I made were a little better than the ones from last week. I used the resources on the website to get a little bit of a better understanding of how to download videos and do different things with them on iMovie which was nice.

Then I got started on doing more video assignments because I chose option one last week which was to just do a bunch of video assignments. This week I had to do 12 stars, 6 of which had to relate to the course theme in some way. The first assignment I did was worth 4 stars and is called where I want to visit. For this I had to make a video with music and pictures of a place that I would like to visit. I chose Paris, France because that is somewhere I have always wanted to go. I used their national anthem, La Marseillaise, and I used pictures of the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre. I used iMovie to combine these together then uploaded it to youtube. I think it turned out great.

Where I want to visit

The next assignment I did was worth 4.5 stars and had to do with the course theme and it is called how to video. For it I had to make a tutorial video, so I decided to make a video on how to make a secret weapons umbrella for secret agents. I chose to put in how you can put in a grenade in the handle and a recording device underneath it. I used a voice generator website again because I am still having trouble with my strep throat and added pictures of secret agents and umbrellas. I used iMovie again to add everything together and it turned out great.

How to video

The last assignment I did to bring me over the 12 star minimum was called signing words. This one also relates to the class theme so it brings me over that 6 star minimum. In this video I am signing a common phrase heard in a spy movie franchise. My sister learned how to sign a few years ago so I am a bit familiar with the alphabet for ASL, so I just had to familiarize myself with the sequence of letters and I was set. Then I uploaded my video of myself to youtube and it was great.


Then I had to create a mission for our class to do. I thought it might be cool to create a villain that our agents repeatedly have to stop and then create a scenario in which they meet and our secret agent defeats them. I think it might be a cool and creative thing for us to do as a mission.


I did three daily creates this week. The first one I did was on Monday, April 3 and is a response to the share some good news. I felt like dogs wearing hats was some great news, so I shared that.

The next one I did was on Tuesday, April 4 and is a response to make a lolhorse image. I wasn’t sure what that meant so I just went with it and found a funny horse picture on google. I think that this really embodies lolhorse whatever that may be:

The last one I did was Wednesday, April 5 and is a response to make a Huntsman Spider story. I think that after looking up what a Huntsman Spider is I am thoroughly disgusted so I found a cartoon that had no images of spiders and was sort of a small funny story:

And of course I did the usual commenting on others posts throughout the week.



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