Week nine summary

This week was a bit relaxing after the stress of our radio show week. I had a fun time doing these really fun assignments. The first thing I did this week was participate in the radio listen of one of the radio shows from last week. I listened to Agents on Air and it was super cool to listen to and tweet along with other classmates. I really liked their idea and thought that they were really creative and that it turned out really well.

Radio listen

Then I decided on who to choose for the DS106 showcase. I chose three different assignments that I considered to be the best because of the creativity and thought put into it and also because I could relate to some of them really well.

DS106 showcase

I did the web storytelling assignment which was so much fun. I used X-Ray Goggles to change around a google search result to a Hillary Clinton spoofed google result. It was complete satire and in no way is meant to be political. Please do not comment negatively about that it is just meant to get a few laughs. I really liked it because I took on a point of view of an angry Hillary and said things like she would lock Trump out of the White House and that she tackled Bernie Sanders. I really thought it turned out well. I especially liked how I could change the pictures that came up in the search results.

Web storytelling

I did just over eight stars worth of web based assignments. I think this was my favorite type of assignment from the assignment bank we have done so far. The first one I did was called google draw something and is worth 2 stars. For this I had to draw six different images in twenty seconds each and get the computer to guess what it is. I got it to guess five out of six which I thought was great considering I can’t really draw.

Google draw

The next one I did was called dream vacation on pinterest and is worth 3.5 stars. I liked this one because I am already an avid pinterest person so getting to use the site was great. I made a board for a dream vacation to London. A lot of the things I posted were pictures but others were top ten things to do that aren’t touristy or places to get food. I also posted some different museums like the Twinnings Team Museum or the Harry Potter tour. I really liked this one and I can use this if I ever make it to London.

Create a dream vacation

The last assignment I did was called Buzzfeed personality quiz and is worth 4.5 stars. For this I had to create a Buzzfeed personality quiz which I thought was great because I take so many of their quizzes so it was great to make one of my own. I made a quiz that would tell you which secondary character from the tv show Friends you would be. It took a lot of effort but it turned out super well. According to my result I’m Mr. Heckles.

Buzzfeed quiz

The last thing I did for this week was to create a connected daily create story. I took three of my daily creates and strung them together to tell the story of how I was elected President of the Judicial Review Board here at UMW. It basically told how I was super nervous about the whole election and then at the end I wore the same colored shirt as my VP to our weekly meeting on accident. I really liked how it turned out.

Connected daily creates

And of course throughout the week I did the usual commenting on people’s assignments and posts. Overall I really liked everything we did this week.





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