Week six summary

This week was focused on the format of design and I really enjoyed it. To start the week off I chose to read the article The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli. I thought that this really gave a great view into the many different aspects of design. There were many that I had already heard and knew of but then there were some that I had no idea that went into design. My favorite aspect that he talked about was ambiguity because he used it in a positive way. He defined it as multiple people being able to derive many different meanings from the work. I thought this was cool because I often read a book or see a painting and get a different meaning that the people around me.

Design thoughts

I completed the design blitz and had a lot of fun with it. I chose to do typography, balance, dominance, and color. I was home this weekend so I got to use my dogs as models for this assignment. My favorite picture of the four that I took was the picture I used for color because I got to take a cool picture of the sunset and see how the colors complimented each other. Overall I thought this was a super fun assignment because I got to put aspects of design to use and use my creativity.

Design blitz

Throughout the week I did three daily creates. I really liked the one where I dubbed Thunderstruck by ACDC overtop of the various 007’s saying “I’m Bond, James Bond.”

Week six daily creates

I completed the destination postcard assignment. I chose my favorite spot in Manhattan, Bethesda Fountain, and added a nice wish you were here along the side. I even used my own picture I had taken a year ago for the picture.

Destination post card

Then I went on to do ten stars of design assignments from the assignment bank. The first one I did 3 stars and was called minimalist tv poster. I chose to make a new poster for How I Met Your Mother. I really like this show and one of the major themes is the yellow umbrella Ted finds, so I made that the focus of the poster. I also used the umbrella as a way to bring in my secret agent because my agent always carries an umbrella that he likes to use to fight with. It is always rainy in London where he works so it is not out of place to have an umbrella.

Minimalist tv poster

The next one I did was 3.5 stars and was called one story four icons. I chose to do Les Miserables as the story and chose the icons of bread, the christian cross, the French flag, and love. My secret agent character is originally from France, so choosing a story from his home country for this assignment was perfect. These are the themes from that story and I thought that together they would be effective to show it

One story, four icons

The last assignment I did was worth 3.5 stars and was called most wanted outlaw. For this assignment you took one of the top ten outlaws of the wild west and made a new wanted poster for them. I chose Jesse James because I have a little bit of an interest in what he did back then. I think that the poster turned out really well.

Most wanted outlaw

Throughout the week I had been commenting on people’s posts to give them some feedback. This was a great week and I am excited to see what is in store for next week.


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