Week Two Weekly Summary

This week was a good week in the world of ds106. I learned that the students this semester are going to be able to help plot where the semester goes. I was put into the writing group with a few other students and when we collaborate we will be able to help take this course into a direction we want it to go in. I was assigned to the writing team and we were asked to look through past assignments to find some we likes and to create our own assignment. I created an assignment where you write an alternative story for your favorite secret agent character. I also suggested a good example of storytelling in the secret agent genre. One of my favorite cartoon is Spy vs. Spy, so that was my example because of how the creators can tell a story through cartoon without using words.

I then read a very interesting post on how to write an assignment post. I think that it was a very helpful article on how to construct posts for this class that can be meaningful and be able to show what you want it to. This week I did my first ever daily creates. The first one I did was on January 22 and the prompt was to create art with a question mark. On Sunday the Packers lost the championship game against the Falcons which inspired me to create this little number:

My next prompt was the following day, January 23, and it was to recreate a piece of art you did as a kid. When I was in grade school in art class we got to do some splatter pant art like Jackson Pollock, so I took to an online website and made my very own work of art in that style:

The last daily create I did was today, January 24, and the prompt was to print out a YouTube video. I was very excited to do this daily create because I didn’t even know that this was a thing that was possible to do. After learning how to do it I took to YouTube and hunted down my favorite clip from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he is doing a skit with Jennifer Lopez. They sing a really catchy song that always annoys my roommate but I love it so much I decided to use it for this small project:

At the bottom you can see JLo telling Jimmy off.

Our next task this week was to look through the assignment bank. I did this as I was trying to come up with ideas for my own writing assignment. I found this very interesting writing assignment called cartoons on trial where you outline a case where a cartoon character is on trial. I think that this could go so many different ways it would be extremely fun to do. I then created my own assignment like I wrote about above called create your own story line. Then on twitter I got to looking around at some different people’s daily creates and other tweets from class mates.

After that I was finally able to learn how to customize my blog. I already had the title down but it had so much more work to do. I already liked the current theme I had downloaded because it is visually appealing, but it needed some vamping up. I added an about page which gives a little run down on who I am and my career goals for after my time here at Mary Wash. I then found this really great picture of the gates at Buckingham Palace which I added as the picture that you first see when you go to my blog. I think that because its a picture with darker colors it helps bring in the rest of the theme with it. Then I added Askimet and Jetpack which are plug ins for my blog which will help make it run more efficiently.

Overall this has been a great week of really getting out of my comfort zone creativity wise and getting to know my way around my own blog.

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